Guild of Dental Graduates – Faculty of Dentistry

Alumni Mentorship Scheme

About the Scheme

The Guild of Dental Graduates and the Faculty Dentistry jointly launched the Alumni Mentorship Scheme in Academic Year 2006/2007. Through this scheme, we hope to engage interested and committed alumni in mentoring, coaching and guiding our undergraduate students.

Furthermore, by sharing their wealth of experience with our students, alumni can play a critical role in guiding the young dentists-to-be into the world of dental practice.

Our goal is to have each dental student assigned to a dentist in the community. In the course of the mentor-mentee relationship, students shall be provided opportunities to meet, get to know and visit their mentor’s place of practice. It is hoped that through this interaction, students will feel comfortable asking the many questions and concerns that they have in preparing to be a practicing dentist.

With alumni serving as role models, we firmly believed that the Dental Profession, as a whole, will be strengthened through this stronger practitioner – student links.



  1. The scheme is voluntary and is open to all Alumni of the Faculty of Dentistry, NUS. (You do not have to be a member of the Guild of Dental Graduates)

  2. Each Alumni Mentor will be randomly assigned 2 Undergraduate Student Mentees, and will commit to mentoring them throughout two academic years at the Faculty. (Depending on year of study, the new academic year will start in July or August of each year).

  3. Mentees are to arrange a mutually convenient schedule to meet up, communicate and visit with their Mentors, either through visits to their place of practice during weekends or term-breaks or in a social setting, preferably at least twice a year.

  4. Feedback from Mentors and Mentees will be sought at the end of each mentorship period. This is to enable both Mentors and Mentees to learn from their shared experiences during the program as well as to assess each other's role in that experience.

  5. If for any reason, the mentorship is not proving to be beneficial for either party, the administrative committee overseeing the Alumni Mentorship Scheme will make a re-assignment or take alternative measures, where applicable.

Role of the mentor

  1. To positively influence future dental surgeons through advice, guidance and sharing of working experience as a member of the dental profession.

  2. To forge bonds of friendship and collegiality between Alumni and Student Mentees

  3. To commit to meeting and communicating with their Student Mentees at least 2 times a year throughout the assigned 2-year period of the BDS course.

Application Form

If you are interested in serving as an Alumni Mentor, please click here to download the registration form (Adobe PDF File).


Please contact the following:

Perina Chiang (Ms)
Assistant Manager
Dean’s Office
Faculty of Dentistry
National University of Singapore

Tel: (65) 6772 5341 Fax: (65) 6772 5742

National University Hospital
5 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Singapore 11907