Centre for Advanced Dental Education
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The Faculty of Dentistry has been involved in the training of dental undergraduates for more than 70 years and another 33 years in postgraduate training. Since 1986, the School of Postgraduate Dental Studies has also undertaken the responsibility of organizing continuing education programmes for dentists both in Singapore and the region. However, this has been done on a small scale.

The Centre for Advanced Dental Education was set up in 2006 as one of the Faculty of Dentistry’s strategic initiatives and aims to raise the Faculty’s profile through a heightened role in providing continuing dental education and expanding clinical training, an approach that is in line with government’s vision for Singapore as a regional medical hub which includes dental services by providing quality training to dentists in the region.

The Centre is located within the premises of the Faculty of Dentistry within the National University of Singapore Campus. The main focus of the Centre will be to provide training for dental practitioners and auxillaries in the form of:-

• Continuing Dental Education Lectures
• Hands-on Courses
• Graduate Diploma Courses

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The Centre supports the Faculty’s mission to

“Improve oral health through academic excellence, high impact research and quality clinical service Improving dental care through education”

And thus achieving the vision

“To be a dental institution of international distinction”

The Centre aims :

  • To provide education programmes for dentists to keep them updated on new scientific knowledge and new technologies.
  • To help dentists meet the requirements of the Continuing Professional Education programme initiated by the Singapore Dental Council, which shall be introduced soon.
  • To contribute to Singapore’s efforts to be a regional medical hub.



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