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The ageing population is an area of increasing focus for healthcare professionals. Oral health is an important part of the older adult’s overall health and wellbeing.  It contributes towards effective chewing, healthy nutrition, speech, social confidence and better cognitive and functional capacity in the elderly.  The burden of oral disease in old age is high.  This is further complicated by co-existing chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, dementia and polypharmacy. 

The Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Dentistry is specially designed for dental surgeons to receive additional training to deliver evidence-informed care to the elderly.


Upon completion of the Graduate Diploma, graduates will be able to

  • Deepen their understanding of the epidemiology of medical and dental conditions which can impact geriatric oral health;

  • Appreciate the influence of psychosocial determinants of health, oral health and oral health care among the elderly;

  • Understand the impact of public health policy on the delivery of oral health care to older adults;

  • Deliver holistic patient-centric oral health care to older adults in a variety of settings including primary care and ILTC;

  • Diagnose, formulate patient-centric treatment plans and competently perform evidence-informed treatment and prevention procedures for older adults to address their oral health needs and associated medical conditions as well as

  • Improve the oral health of the older adult population through individual patient care and public health advocacy.

Entry Requirements

Candidates will be eligible to be considered for admission if he/she has 

  1. a recognised basic dental degree (Bachelor of Dental Surgery or its equivalent as approved by the Faculty of Dentistry);

  2. at least two years full-time clinical experience (which could include internship) after graduation with a basic dental degree;

  3. completed the TOEFL or IELTS if the native tongue or medium of undergraduate instruction is not English. The minimum acceptable scores are: TOEFL score: 580 (paper-based); 237 (compute-based); 92 (Internet-based) and above or IELTS score: 7 and above and not lower than 6.5 for each of the 4 IELTS components.

NOTE: At present, the course is offered only to dentists practicing in Singapore.

Other Requirements

Candidates need to fulfil the following in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s requirements: 

  1. Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) – All prospective students must be tested HBsAg negative. Those tested negative but not immune will be required to be immunised within a month from the date of screening.

  2. Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV) (Chickenpox) - All prospective students must undergo screening for immunity to VZV. Those tested negative for VZV immunity will be required to be immunised within one month from the date of screening.

  3. Rubella Virus - All prospective students must undergo screening for immunity to the Rubella Virus. Those tested negative for Rubella immunity will be required to be immunised within one month from the date of screening.

Candidates must possess current malpractice insurance.

Course Brochure

Graduate Diploma in Geriatric Dentistry

Course Fees

Annual Tuition Fees: SGD22,000 per annum excluding prevailing Goods & Services Tax of 7%

(SGD11,000 payable per semester excluding Goods & Services Tax).


Applicants for the Graduate Diploma course are required to apply on-line at:


An application fee of S$50.00 (inclusive of 7% Goods and Services Tax) will apply. All applications should reach the CADE office before the closing date.

All eligible candidates shall be required to attend a selection interview.

Closing Date

05 April 2019

The application form and supporting documents should be submitted to:

National University Centre for Oral Health Singapore
Faculty of Dentistry
Level 10 Dean's Office
9 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119085

Contact for further information

Course Administrator
Fax : +65 6779 6520

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Graduate Diploma in
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GRADUATE DIPLOMA (Geriatric Dentistry)
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