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Degree Scroll

The degree scroll will be presented to graduates at the commencement ceremony held once a year in June/July (for graduates whose date of conferment falls between July/August of the previous year to May/June of the current year). Pending receipt of the degree scroll, the letter of conferment may be presented to the employer or other appropriate bodies as evidence of award of the degree. Information on the commencement ceremony will be sent to graduates two or three months before the ceremony (i.e. in Apr/May).

If you are not attending the commencement ceremony, the scrolls will be available for collection after the ceremony (i.e. with effect from October) from the Registrar’s Office. To collect the scroll in person, you must produce your NRIC or passport. To authorise someone to collect the scroll on your behalf, you must issue an authorisation letter indicating the collector’s name and NRIC or passport No. If you are an international student, you may request for the scroll to be sent to you by registered mail. Note that lost scrolls cannot be replaced.

Important Note :
Throughout their candidature, students are responsible for keeping their personal particulars (including citizenship, official/legal name*identity card/passport details, permanent and correspondence contact details, and next-of-kin details) updated in the University's records in a timely manner. This means that students must notify the University within 5 working days of the effective date of change of the affected personal particulars. The University will not be accountable for delayed or lost mail due to incorrect or obsolete students' addresses and contacts. Students may check their particulars or amend their contact details via the University's student information system. More details at


Checklist for Graduating Student

Graduating students are to return the Student card to Registrar’s Office after commencement, DSO KR) security pass and other items on loan to them to the Dean’s Office before they leave the University.