The University offers financial assistance to full-time graduate research students through its research Scholarships. The scholarship for MSc and PhD are 2 and 4 years respectively. The types of scholarships available are:


NUS Research Scholarships (RS)

These scholarships are open to all PhD graduate students. It is tenable for 1 year in the first instance and is renewable annually, subject to satisfactory progress. Each scholarship carries :

  • For PhD the monthly stipend for Singapore citizens, Singapore Permanent
    Residents and foreigners are currently S$2,700, S$2,200 and S$2,000   
  • A monthly top-up of $500 for PhD candidate upon passing the PhD Qualifying Exam
  • No travel or other allowances are provided.

In return, scholarship recipients are required to render a nominal 6 hours of work per week without remuneration. The work rendered will be in the nature of research or teaching or department work as dictated by supervisor and Vice-Dean (Research).

More details are available at


Other Financial/Loan Schemes

Other forms of scholarships and schemes are available for specific programmes. A list of such schemes are available at

Details of Tuition Fee Loan Scheme can be found at

For further clarifications on eligibility under the Tuition Fee Loan scheme, please contact the Student Service Centre at tel: 6516 1177 or refer to

Application forms for loans under the Tuition Fee Loan scheme are obtainable from the Student Service Centre (SSC), Level 1, Yusof Ishak House or the Faculty's Graduate Division.