The Faculty of Dentistry is highly selective in admitting candidates with suitable qualifications for its Research Programme leading to a Master of Science or Doctor of Philosophy degree. The minimum entry qualifications for admission to the Master’s or Doctoral research programmes are :




A Good Honors degree (at least Second Class Lower/CAP 3.5 to 3.99) or equivalent in a relevant discipline; or

A Good Bachelor degree in relevant discipline with at least two years of relevant work experience.


A Good Master’s degree in relevant discipline

Candidate with a Second Class Upper Honors degree (CAP 4.0 to 4.49) or equivalent in a relevant discipline may also be admitted directly into a PhD program at the discretion of the Faculty

Students with locally or internationally accredited BDS, DDS and MBBS degrees may be admitted directly into the PhD programme. Candidate being thus admitted is required to take the PhD Qualifying Exam within 18 months from the registration date.

Other Requirements

Interview (at the discretion of Faculty)

Proficiency in English Language (both verbal and written)

All except applicants from universities in Singapore, USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines are to submit evidence of English language proficiency.


    1. min 580 (paper-based score)

    2. min 237 (computer-based score)

    3. min 85 (internet-based score)

    IELTS result of 6.0 is required.


TOEFL and IELTS are only valid for two years after the test and the validity should not expire before the beginning of the application period for the research programme. 


No. of Intakes

There are two intakes per academic year.


Research student may be admitted as full-time or part-time students. However, international students on student pass must pursue their studies on a full-time basis. The minimum and maximum periods of candidature for both full- and part-time programmes are the same and are inclusive of periods of approved study leave but may exclude periods of approved leave of absence subject to Faculty discretion.

The maximum and minimum period of candidature are :-

1 year
3 years
2 years
5 years

Important : Research candidature does not involve any clinical work in Singapore. Neither are research students permitted to do clinical work during their times in Singapore

Residence and Leave
  • Candidates not residing in Singapore or who would like to do their studies overseas must spend a minimum period of residence in Singapore as follows -

Type of Programme
Minimum residency
Master’s degree by research
6 months
Ph.D. degree
18 months

Residency, implies the following:

    1. residing in Singapore;
    2. payment of fees;
    3. satisfaction of all curricular requirements of the programme of study; and
    4. satisfaction of other requirements such as teaching assistance.

Msc and PhD students must be resident during the semester in which they submit their thesis for examination

Research Scholars must reside in Singapore during the duration of the scholarship to conduct research/attend courses at the University, except during periods of approved leave

Research Scholars may apply for paid study leave of up to 6 months to conduct research overseas. Extension of study leave with stipend may be granted on a case-by-case basis

Self-funded students may apply for leave of absence, subject to a limit of 2 years on a cumulative basis

Please refer to Registrar’s Office website for more information. 

Coursework Requirement

MSc ( + thesis not exceeding 40,000 words):
  1. 1 compulsory Statistics module - MDG5108 Biostatistics for Basic Research or IE5002 Applied Engineering Statistics

  2. 1 compulsory DY 5190 Graduate Seminar Module

  3. Any 2 elective modules (at level > 5000 and > 4MC)
    [Elective modules must be credit based i.e graded]

PhD ( + thesis not exceeding 80,000 words):
  1. 1 compulsory Statistics Module - MDG5108 Biostatistics for Basic Research or IE6002 Advance Engineering Statistics

  2. 1 compulsory DY5190 Graduate Seminar Module

  3. Any 4 elective modules (at level > 5000 and > 4MC)
    [Elective modules must be credit based i.e graded]

In addition, it is mandatory for all research students to make Pre-conference Presentations to the Faculty every time they attend conferences for poster/oral presentation

Application Closing and Outcome Timelines

Application Timelines
Closing Date
Application Outcome
Semester 1 (August intake)
15 November
30 May
Semester 2 (January intake)
15 May
31 October

Note : Applications received after the closing date will be considered for next intake.

On-line Application

Please apply online