Independent Study Module

Students who have been given advanced placement and exempted from a module will be required to take the Independent Study Module. Other undergraduate students may choose to take this as an elective module.

A student taking an Independent Study Module is responsible for organizing the nature of module and scheduling of assignments in consultation with the faculty member. The student is expected to work independently as much as possible, in mastering new concepts, formulating solutions and directions for the module, carrying out independent search in professional journals and other sources for necessary material. Students are required to write a report which would be graded. This module should be completed within one academic year.

Independent Study Modules may take any of the following forms:

  1. An individual or group research project, which may not require a written examination.

  2. Existing regular modules with enhancement. Students will be assessed more rigorously in the area of continuous assessments, e.g. projects, term papers and so on. Students may take the same examination as other students, but the examination may constitute a smaller percentage of the overall assessment