Preclinical and clinical endodontics consist of lectures, clinical and technique demonstrations, tutorials, management of clinical cases and combined treatment planning sessions with related disciplines. The programme is given from the second term of the second year and continues through to the final year.

The technique course comprises of lectures, demonstrations with laboratory practice. The student must complete all laboratory exercises, demonstrate technical competency, before his is allowed to proceed to the next stage of the programme.

The clinical component includes lectures, clinical demonstrations, tutorials, seminars and clinical practice. A schedule of clinical competencies must be completed before a candidate is eligible to sit the Final Professional Examination.


Preclinical endodontics - The lectures introduce root canal instrumentation and root canal filling materials. The laboratory exercises bring the student through access cavity preparations and basic root canal therapy.

Clinical endodontics - Emphasis is placed on prevention, diagnosis, aetiology and management of dental pulp diseases, management of endodontic emergencies and traumatic injuries; control of pain and apprehension; endodontic treatment planning; complication of endodontic treatment and surgical procedures; restorative considerations.