Operative Dentistry

The course begins in Year I and continues through to final year. The course consists of two parts - the preclinical course and the clinical course.

The preclinical course is a technique course comprising of lectures and demonstrations and practical work. The student is expected to complete a set competency tests and obtain a pass in the theory examination for this programme.

The clinical course begins in the Second Vacation Term of the second year and consists of lectures and tutorials, treatment planning seminars and clinical sessions for the treatment of patients.

Syllabus: Operative Technique - Introduces the student to basic dental instrumentation, dental nomenclature, classification and principles of cavity preparation. Indications and selection of restorative materials and their manipulation will also be covered.

The clinical portion of the programme involves the treatment of patients. Record keeping, diagnosis, charting and treatment planning; control of pain; management of dental caries and other tooth related problems; biological considerations of the dental tissues and maintenance of plural vitality; sterilization and disinfection in the dental operatory.