Undergraduate Entry Requirements


Applicants who are keen to pursue a course in Dentistry should meet the following requirements:

Qualifications Presented Subject Pre-requisites
H1/H2/H3 Curriculum - Good H2 pass in Chemistry
- Good H2 pass in either Biology or Physics
- Good H2 pass in a third Subject
- At least 1 content subject (either H2 or H1) from a contrasting discipline
International Baccalaureate
(IB) Diploma
- Good Higher Level (HL) pass in Chemistry
- Good HL pass in either Biology or Physics
- Good HL pass in a third subject
International and Other Students - Year 12 or good higher level pass in Chemistry
- Good higher level pass in either Biology or Physics
- Good higher level pass in a third subject
- Good grades in English
NUS High School - Major CAP of at least 2.0 in Chemistry and either Biology or Physics
- CAP of at least 1.0 in one other major and in English Programme and Research Project

Those who are shortlisted for admission will be invited to take a manual dexterity test as well as appear for the Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs) in March - April each year.

The course extends over 4 years during which the academic, clinical and practical elements of dentistry are studied and practised. The first two years of study cover basic sciences such as Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Pharmacology, Microbiology (including Immunology) and Pathology as well as the oral sciences such as Oral Biology and Dental Public Health. This is to ensure dental students acquire the essential basic and dental science knowledge needed for clinical practice. In addition students undergo pre-clinical training to prepare them for entry into clinics. In the third and final years of the course, the management and treatment of patients are strongly emphasised along with teaching of clinical oral sciences.

Towards the end of the four-year programme, the students will attend a short course on General Practice Management (GPM) to prepare them to be practice-ready dental surgeons.

The BDS (Singapore) degree allows the holder to register in Singapore and Malaysia .The General Dental Council (UK) recognises the BDS (Singapore) for full registration from holders who qualified before 2001. Graduates after this date would be required to complete the Overseas Registration Exam before they would be eligible for full registration in the UK.


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