The vision of the Biomaterials Research Focus Group is to achieve international eminence in the field of biomaterials and to develop dental materials and technology with practical applications.

To attain this vision, three strategies have been adopted. The first strategy is to identify and develop niche research areas through focusing on the strengths of each individual staff member, strengthen the teaching-research link, and to establish and develop testing protocols based on ISO and BSI standards. Strengthening key resources is the next strategy to be adopted, and this may be achieved by establishing cross-faculty teaching and research, participation in research centres and institutions, as well as harnessing current and new technology from different disciplines. The third strategy is to
focus on attaining international recognition through publication in high impact journals, presentation of conference papers, securing patents, commercialisation and securing commercial contracts and external research funding.

The research activities are centred on two main areas of biomaterials: development and biomaterials characterisation. In developing dental biomaterials, the Faculty has developed advanced ionomer cements and created a functionally graded composite dental post. Characterisation of biomaterials is divided along in-vitro (Laboratory-based) and in-vivo (clinical trials) segments. In-vitro characterisation involves the evaluation of the mechanical, physical, chemical and biological properties of a material. In-vivo characterisation conducted through clinical trials examines colour match, marginal adaptation and discolouration, anatomic form, the development of secondary caries, wear and longevity of the restoration.

Tooth-coloured materials such as Glass Ionomer Cements, Dental Composites, Ceramics and Textile Composites are currently materials under evaluation at the Faculty as potential viable alternatives to amalgam.

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