The Faculty as a whole has increased its publications and held a steady state of about 1 publication per staff since 1996. The staff publication ratio is comparable with top international dental schools.

Categorisation of journals for publication impact

A large scale University-level exercise was carried out in 2001 to reclassify the existing journals into 4 categories:

  • Premier (top 10%)
  • Leading (next 20%)
  • Reputable (next 25%)
  • Others (next 45%)

The purpose of this exercise is formative - to know where NUS is today based on the quality of our publications and to move towards a profile characteristic of a prestigious university where presumably the number of publications peaks in the "premium/leading" journals category and tails off in the "others" category.

The quality of publications improved over the years as staff concentrated not on quantity but the quality of publications. Reviewing the publications in the past 6 years, none was submitted to premier journals (top 10% of dental journals) in 1995. In 1996 and 1997, there were a total of 15 papers (32.6%) published in the premier category. In 2000 alone, 14 papers (48%) were published in premier journals.



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Analysis of incidence and associated factors with fractured implants:
A retrospective study
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Effectiveness of polymerisation in composite restoratives claiming bulk placement: Impact of cavity depth and exposure time
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Effectiveness of Profile .04 Taper rotary instruments in Endodontic retreatment
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Effects of CO2 laser and organic matrix on enamel demineralization Journal of Dental Research, 2000; 79(9): 1725-1730.

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Effects of food-simulating liquids on surface characteristics of composite and polyacid-modified composite restoratives
Operative Dentistry, 2000; 25:170-176

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Associations between thoracic kyphosis, head postures and craniofacial morphology
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Comparative wear ranking of dental restoratives with the BIOMAT wear simulator - Part II : An SEM evaluation
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Dental trauma management awareness of Singapore Pre-school teachers Dental Traumatol, 2001; 17(2):71-76.

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Neuropathic Pain of the Orofacial Region
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Foong K W C
The Gold Medal Prize in the Conjoint M Orth Exam of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh held in Hong Kong, 1996
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Survey of Dental fees Charged by Dentists in Singapore
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Ultrastructural identification of cells involved in the healing of intramembranous bone grafts in the presence of demineralized intramembranous bone matrix
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Chay S H and K K Ho

Spaced Dentition - open, close or redistribute?
Annals of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons, 2000; 15:83.



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