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Issue No. 1, March 1997

Diary Highlights


Dr Ling Sing Yew left for Private Practice in October 1996

Goodbye - Dr Ling Sing Yew

It comes a time when a person is at the cross roads of his life, that making the correct decision becomes a most important pre-occupation, one that could forge a destiny or another that would lead to uncertainty. Such mental deliberations did Dr Ling Sing Yew wrestled with, and a decision was made.

It is often sad to see a friend and a trusted colleague leave the University, to seek a brighter and better future for himself and family. Sad for the multiple reasons for leaving, but I cheer his fortitude and choice. After all, Sing Yew has been a most helpful and untiring co-worker in the Faculty of Dentistry as it strives to accomplish its Mission.

A farewell was organised by the faculty a few days prior to Sing Yew's departure. The fondness the staff have for Sing Yew is evident. On the brighter side, he will be back. Dr Ling has been invited to teach part-time in the same department and to coordinate the dental radiology course for the undergrad students. Once more, we will hear his laughter and his cheerful countenance. To him from all in the Faculty - The very best for your future.

Dinner with NUS Administration

Administration meets with Dental Staff ~ by Dr Jennifer Neo

"Your faculty is so small!". Yes we are, there's no denying that our mere strength of 24 full time academic staff is less than some departments in the University.

Profesor Chew Chong Lin, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry, decided that this should not be a disadvantage but instead he turned it into a golden opportunity to have the whole Faculty meet the Administration and decision makers of the University over dinner on a regular basis.

In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the academic staff met the Vice-Chancellor, deputy VCs and senior members of the Administration over the last 2 years.

The most recent affair was held on January 15th, 1997 at Ocean Palace Restaurant where Professor Chong Chi Tat, the newly appointed Deputy VC in NUS was the Guest-of-Honour. These social gatherings, generously sponsored by the staff themselves, are great 2-way opportunities for interaction between the decision makers and staff. The members of the Faculty are now able to put a face to the persons who pass decisions and implement policies. In return, the Administration knows and is made aware of the programs and philosophy of the Faculty. Yes, a "small" faculty does have its advantages.

Faculty of Dentistry's New Year Party

The New Year Party hosted by the academic and clinical staff of the Faculty of Dentistry was a time of fun and laughter for many who attended. This annual gesture is a token of appreciation to the many support staff as well as to the many part-time clinical teachers in the Dental and Medical professions who have contributed to the training of our dental students. Here are some highlights of the event.

In his characteristic pose, Dr George Soh attempts to get a point across on the secret of his success

On the other hand, Nurse Sandra seems to have found the answer

The games that people play focuses around a piece of blue paper

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