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Issue No. 10, December 2002

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Message from the President of Guild

Prof Loh Hong Sai - President, Guild of Dental Graduates

The national debate on stayer or quitter is a matter of a sense of belonging, a desire to be in the environment for which the person feels wanted, purposeful and happy ! This is the same objective of alumni-building for the university, to cultivate and interact with its graduates to foster bonding and contributions to the alma mater. It is important in the social fabric of our society, a tradition to be built upon for the generations to come.

The Guild of Dental Graduates , in its humble ways, try to attain this , with social activities for its members, bringing together graduates, teachers and students of the faculty. As a small fracternity, we have achieved some success, with sustained participation from many for the last 10 years. The Guild acknowledges those who have contributed to our activities, and also recognizes many who have achieved their goals and ambitions in life, and these go beyond career - related successes. There are many of us who have distinguished themselves in the fields of sports, charity work and possess unique expertise to benefit and inspire many others! We are so proud of you, and look forward to your continued support for the Guild, the Faculty and NUS.

Prof Loh Hong Sai
President Guild of Dental Graduates

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