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Issue No. 10, December 2002


The Dental Mirror, a biannual newsletter conceived with the aim of keeping the alumni informed of the activities and progress made in their alma mater, is now 5 years old and and is into the 11th issue. To keep up with times and to beef up its image, the editorial board decided to focus on some topics of interest. It was a natural decision to focus on its alumni members as they are the readers of this newsletter. We decided to focus on members who became prominent in other fields apart from Dentistry. After making that decision, it was then time to hunt these prominent figures down. Many suggestions were put forward and eliminated until we finally decided on an orthodontist cum entreprenuer Dr Djeng Shih Kien and a prosthodontist cum photographer/author Dr Chua Ee Kiam. They were very reluctant to grant interviews and very much wanted to keep a low profile intially. It was with great effort and persuasion that both finally allowed me to write on them. It was quite a different experience for me as I had to switch from a comfortable life indoors to going out and cover their stories. For the first time, I had the taste of being a reporter as I had to jostle with the rest of the real reporters and television camera crew to get a good view of the VIPs and guests at Dr Chua's launch of his new book, "Chek Jawa- discovering Singapore's Biodiversity" at Pulau Ubin. The bumpy ride on the ferry and van to Chek Jawa was worth it as I got to see firsthand the magnificent marine life which I did not know existed in Singapore. I was in awe of Dr Djeng's business acumen when I went to his medical center and the car workshop. I could only look wistfully at the beautiful Aston Martin wishing I could own one someday. Overseas alumni members were not left out in this issue as the deanery made a study tour to the US and met some of them. The late Dr Goh Geok Kiow is also featured in this issue as she had gallantly finished a book that she has started earlier before her illness struck. It has been a fantastic experience covering all these stories and I hope you too would have a fantastic time reading them. Feedback and/or suggestions on the contents that you may want to read in the next issue are most welcomed.

Chay Siew Han

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