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Issue No. 10, December 2002

Orientation 2002

Fire Prevention and Safety - Playing your part is important to us

"Hey, isn't it fun?"

Safety measures in relation to the potential dangers of fire in the vicinity of our
workplace, we agree, are vitally important. Often, under the usual pressures of our work routine, we each have barely time to ponder over these things. Things tend to get pushed aside for the more urgent of matters. Needless to say, the lesser important of issues often get in the way, to blur our sense of the importance of setting up fire prevention strategies, or precautions, in relation to our workplace. In this respect, the Faculty and Hospital at large have recognized the important role of fire safety regulations and that definitive fire prevention measures are crucial, in order to anticipate various hazardous sources of risk, including the prevention of fire and its known destructive outcomes.

Attentive listeners to the fire points of fire-fighting

The Faculty and Hospital have in place, several measures for fire prevention:
These are as follows:

  1. Fire escape route maps and fire extinguishers are placed at vital sections of the building premises.
  2. Ongoing theoretical guidance and hands-on training, organized for all faculty and support staff. These include the appropriate strategies (including, for example, the handling of fire extinguishers) to cope with small wood, electrical, chemical fires and those of other materials of combustible nature.
  3. User-friendly rules are pasted in critical areas, to notify users of useful precautionary steps to prevent fire, for example in the dental and research laboratories.
  4. The appointment of fire wardens and assistant wardens to lead orderly evacuation in practice and in the event of an actual uncontrolled fire taking place in the Faculty.
  5. The appointment of a Faculty Fire and Safety Committee to help contribute ideas towards the safety of all our staff and personnel, in relation to the prevention of fire and its complications, which we all hope may be prevented from taking place.

Fire Fighting Team

Please help us by forwarding your ideas and suggestions to the Committee
Your role is important to us.

A/Prof Richard Aw
Faculty Fire and Safety Committee

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