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Issue No. 2, October 1997

An Experience in Endodontics with Prof. James Gutmann
Prof. James Gutmann

The master at work - Prof. James Gutmann explaining the finer points of root canal preparation to Dr Patrick Tseng

As part of the NUS extension programme designed to provide continuing education, the school of Postgraduate Dental Studies and the Singapore Dental Association jointly organised a technique course in root canal preparation on 21st April 1997, entitled "New Advances in Root Canal Preparation Techniques". Professor James Gutmann, a world-renowned authority in endodontics, was at hand to teach the newer techniques of root canal instrumentation using nickel-titanium hand and rotary instruments. Participants, both general practitioners and endodontists, were given intensive hands-on experience as well as comprehensive didactic information. All who attended were greatly enriched by Prof Gutmann's expertise.

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