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Issue No. 2, October 1997

Dean's Tea

"A welcome for first-year students and parents"

Prof. Chew speaking to parents

Prof Chew explaining to a group of parents the nature of the dental course

A small faculty has its advantages. Many opportunities are available for students and staff to interact, and in the process build up a close rapport. As a part of this year's freshmen orientation, the Dean, Professor Chew Chong Lin and the Faculty hosted a Tea session on 16 July 1997 to welcome first year students and their parents. Some even traveled from West Malaysia to be with their children at this occasion. Tailored to provide parents with an overview of the dental undergraduate program, the faculty was at hand to meet the parents and answer questions. With staff acting as guides, parents were given a tour of the Faculty buildings. Many were impressed with the modern facilities. Judging from the response and feedback from students and parents, it was a great success. Knowing that their children are in good hands goes a long way in helping students succeed in the rigorous dental course.

Dr Grace Ong speaking to parents

With all eyes on her, Dr Grace Ong, Sub-Dean, points out to parents the types of clinical work students have to undertake.

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