New Research Units


In keeping with the Faculty’s mission to “improve oral health through academic excellence, high impact research and quality clinical service”, two new research units have been set up to aid its pursuit of conducting high impact research to be a dental institution of international distinction.

Clinical Research Unit (CRU)

The CRU was set up earlier this year to help clinicians carry out meaningful clinical research such as randomised controlled trials. The unit, which is headed by Assoc Prof Victoria Yu, provides manpower and logistical support to the Faculty’s clinicians and have begun several projects aimed at improving clinical practice in dentistry.



Population Health Services Research Unit (POHSRU)

The POHSRU was set up as a collaboration with the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health to examine the dental public health issues facing Singapore. Led by Assoc Prof Wong Mun Loke, the unit has begun earnestly to look at dental issues related to Singapore’s ageing population.



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Last Updated: 17-jul-17
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