Internet Edition

Issue No. 3, March 1998

Dental Faculty Revamps Internet Website

A/P SB Keng and Dr Keson Tan

The Faculty of Dentistry's Website underwent a major revision and was relaunched in November 1997. Many new features were introduced into the website to make it more atrtractive to the user. To achive this, the following features and design considerations were taken into account for our new internet website.

  1. Rapid access to the homepage
  2. Connectivity of the various pages within the site
  3. Easy interactive directions for the user
  4. Latest information at the click of a button
  5. Update of the website on a regular basis

We were fortunate that the new design and layout was made possible because the Faculty has now a full time analyst programmer in Mr Tok Wee Wah to assist us.

The website aims to be informative both to the general public and also to it's alumni on the happenings and achievements of the dental school. To accomplish these objectives the web site is divided into the following main sections of use. Home Page, Faculty, Academic Matters, Public Information and Dentistry Meta Indices and Latest Happenings. To make easy connections between the various pages, links to all the major sections appear at the bottom of every page. Forward and backward buttons are used when necessary and return to the main page and NUS homepage is always a click away. For example, when one clicks on the Faculty's pages, we are able to access the Dean's Welcome message and history, Mission and Goals, Faculty Organisation, Academic Staff listing, Publications and the Roll of Graduates.

To all our alumni, we welcome you to check out the roll of graduates link. This is a first for a Faculty within the NUS to have a complete listing of all past graduates. Listings from 1933 to 1997 are included. Can you remember the names of all your graduating classmates? Look them up! Not to be forgotten also is a page listing all postgraduates who obtained Masters Degrees from the School of Postgraduate Dental Studies from 1972 to 1997.

The section on Academic matters will interest users who want to know more about the various departments and their activities within the faculty. The subjects taught, student entry requirements, undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum and details on courses available are covered in this section. You can also find out what campus life of student activites are like here. Detailed descriptions of each department's courses and content are also highlighted in these pages.

For the general public, who need information about dentistry, we have a section covering this area. This is hosted in our section on Public Information. Details on dental health issues and clinical services offered by the National University Hospital are found in this page. In this respect, a link is provided to the Singapore Dental Health Foundation website. This site was designed by the Multimedia Development Unit of the Dental Faculty to provide information on dental health education matters. Another interesting link to other dental websites worldwide is provided in our Dentistry Meta Indices page.

To provide current information on happenings for the dental fraternity and the general public, news of interest is put up regularly in the section under "Latest". An example is the recent visit by the Minister for Education to the Dental Faculty on 25th November 1997. The news was put up the next day after his visit. This rapid information delivery to the public is one advantage of using the web as a medium for news reporting. Another news of interest on Student's Research Day Presentations (17.1.98) and the call for postgraduate applications to the orthodontic residency training programme were also included under this section. To get public to respond to the Faculty's clinical research activities, a call for enlistment as clinical subjects was also hosted at our website.

To make the Faculty's newsletter available to a wider audience including overseas readers, and also for those who have missed our back issues, we have made the Dental Mirror on line. So if you have missed the previous issues of the Dental Mirror, why don't you visit our website and read all about it? This site has already recieved more than 1500 hits since it's relaunch in November 1997.

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