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Issue No. 3, March 1998

Faculty Research Day

The Faculty held its second research day on Saturday, 17th January 1998 at the Kent Ridge Wing Auditorium. Final year students presented their research projects to the entire faculty, a culmination of a year of hard work. Topics were varied, reflecting the class' divergent interests. They range from 'prevalance and awareness of oral malodour' to 'Antimicrobial susceptibility of subgingival microflora'. After their presentations, they were subjected to a grueling cross-examination by a panel of judges comprising Drs Keson Tan, Magdeline Gunaratnam and Chan Siew Luen.

The top two projects were selected to represent the Faculty for the 24th Asia Pacific Dental Students Association Congress (APDSA). First prize went to the students Arthur Lim, Tan Shally, Marina Teh, Wong Mun Loke and the second prize to Gan Chong Huey, Kau Chung How, Leong Se Mean and Ng Cheng Huat.

Research Databases on the Web

There is an incredible amount of 'stuff' one can readily obtain from the internet. It is possible to find information that ranges from 'the art of keeping your plants happy' to 'care for your sheepdog'!

The NUS Library is providing, however, access to a multitude of scientific journals. These are full text articles, with graphics (colour as well), charts, tables and illustrations. In addition there will be links to references and related materials. This should be available by Feburary 1998.

To access these databases, all that is required is a click on 'Library' at the NUS homepage. One can also point the web browser to WebLINC. Just click on Library Infogate (Web) and select the required database. No excuse for not keeping in touch with current literature!

Continuing Dental Education

As part of the University's Strategic Plan to spearhead continuing education and falling in line with increasing emphasis on continuing dental education as part of continuum of education, the CDE Committee of the Faculty of Dentistry was formed in 1997. Being in an institutional setting, we have the advantage of having the facilities designed for clinical education and research. The general aim of our CDE programme is to compliment rather than duplicate existing CDE activities conducted by various organisations in Singapore. Reflecting upon the activities over the past year, participation in our activities have been very encouraging. A total of 10 courses and lectures was conducted in 1997. This included the second NUS Clinical Symposium, an Endodontic symposium, four'hands-on' courses and 4 lectures. For the new year, we have planned a range of CDE courses to cater to the diversified needs of our profession. This would include the third NUS Clinical symposium, short courses on the dental management of the child patient, radiographic technique and interpretation, treatment planning in Orthodontics, 'hand-on' courses on Veneers, Periodontal Therapy and Oral Surgery. Do look out for the details in our prospectus due to be published soon. In our concerted effort to serve our Alumni better with the highest possible quality in continuing education, we would appreciate your feedback and comments. Please do take time to fill in the evaluation forms at the end of each course as we strive to strengthen our continuing education programme to new heights. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all colleagues, overseas speakers and sponsors for their contribution and participation in our continuing education programmes for the past year. With all the best wishes for a Happy and Prosperous 1998!

A/P Lim Lum Peng
CDE Committee PGDS

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