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Issue No. 3, March 1998

Dental Exhibition and Free Checkups

A/P Yeo Jinn Fei

Through the efforts of the Publicity and Publication Committee, the faculty manages to project its image via its presence at the following communities by rendering free dental check ups in addition to holding dental exhibitions there.

On Sunday 6th July 1997, the faculty participated at the Health Fair organised by the Nee soon East Community Centre for its senior citizens with the assistance of the MOH, THE Department and the Dental Society. Dr Loh Poey Ling gave a talk in mandarin on "Oral Health" to the 60-odd residents who turned up for this event. Dr Hee Jack our alumnus, was also there to give us a hand in the free checkups session.

Led by the chairman of the P&P committee, our dental students, John Loh, Jonathan Liu, Lynette Ng, Ng Cheng Huat, Winston How, Vicpearly Wong, Chin Yeen Hong, Kelvin Poh, Yue Weng Cheu, Janee Lim and Darrin Cho together with Dr Loh Poey Ling, our alumnus Dr Wong Hee Hau and Nurse Wan Sok Meng participated in the healthy Lifestyle Day for Whampoa Residents on Sunday 21st September 1997. About 30 residents turned up for the free checkups cum dental exhibition held with the help of the Training and Health Education Department, MOH.

At the invitation of the Tanjung Pagar CDC, a dental screening service was held on 28th September 1997 at the ITE Bukit Merah. This was in conjunction with the free medical screening for senior citizens organised by the Tangjung Pagar CDC. The team led by the chairman P&P comprised of Dr Hilary Thean, Dr Winston Tan, Dr Henry Ho, Dr Wong Hee Hau, Nurses Wan sok Meng, Lim Swee Siang, Lim Ai chin, Students John Loh, Janee Lim, Vicpearly Wong, Kelvin Koh, Tay Chin Kien and Yue Weng Cheu, screened about 200 senior citizens on that day. The P&P committee would like to record its grateful thanks to the following organisations / companies for their keen and generous support of the aforementioned community dental activities, ie. THE department, MOH (for dental exhibits); Oral B (for the free samples of dental products) and Inchcape Bhd's Dental Division (for providing the chairs, lights and consumables for the ITE Bukit Merah Project).

Cross Disciplinary Course

Three third year students(Lo Tong Soon, Vicpearly Wong and Yue Weng Chue) joined other selected students from the Science and Medical Faculties for this course entitled 'Science, social change and public policy'. It was conducted twice weekly from August till October 1997 in the evenings from 6-8 pm.

The sturcture was unique in that it was conducted in the form of seminars, with guest lecturers invited to speak on various topics concerning public policy. Our students found the seminars eye-opening as it exposed them to issues pertaining to science, ethics, law and management. Yue Weng Chue felt that the 'intellectual sparring (with science students) was very enlightening and thought provoking'.

The fact that there were no examinations ensured that it was warmly recieved. However, students were required to do research and a presentation on various topics by guest lecturers.

Lo Tong Soon, currently in the third year, felt that he gained 'a better understanding of public issues in the science and healthcare arena'. It is hoped that with such courses, our students will be able to apply themselves beyond procedural dentistry and to contribute to the discipline as thinking individuals.

Deanery Dinner

A dinner marked the end of the Deanery term on 22nd November 1997. It was hosted by the Dean, Vice-Dean and Sub-Dean to show their appreciation to academic and non-academic staff, both full-time and part-time, for their support of the faculty

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