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Issue No. 3, March 1998

Dairy Highlignts

Carnival of Challenges, 7th September 1997

In conjunction with the Alumni Affairs office, our faculty participated in the Carnival of Challenges to raise funds for the NUS endowment fund. On the 7th of September 1997, at the Sports and Recreational Centre, NUS, the Dental Faculty played a small part with game stalls "Ping-Pong Jackpot and "Golfmania". Much credit should go to the students and staff helpers, who managed to raise in excess of $1500, the largest amount raised by any game stall. As typical dentists, we managed to squeeze in a dental poster exhibition and gave some oral hygiene instructions too !

Deanery Dinner

A dinner marked the end of the Deanery term on 22nd November 1997. It was hosted by the Dean, Vice-Dean and Sub-Dean to show their appreciation to academic and non-academic staff, both full-time and part-time, for their support of the faculty

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