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Issue No. 4 October 1998

Promotions and Appointments
Academic Staff Promotions

Dr Grace Ong was promoted to Assoc Professor from 1st August 1998.

Dr Foong Weng Chiong was promoted to Senior Lecturer from 1st July 1998.

Drs Loh Poey Ling and Keson Tan were promoted to Consultant from 1stJuly 1998.


Assoc Professor Ho Kee Hai was appointed Head of Department, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from 2nd April 1998.

Professor Chew Chong Lin was appointed visiting consultant to the SAF from June 1988.

Dr Lau Kieng Hiong was reappointed Faculty Advisor from 9th August 1998.

Professor Loh Hong Sai was re-elected Secretary of the International Society for Lasers in Dentistry from 1998 - 2000 and Vice-President, Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine (Singapore) 1998/99.

He was also elected Vice-President, Guild of Dental Graduates 1998/99.

Professor Chew Chong Lin was appointed Chairman, National Dental Centre for three years from September 1998.

Fond Farewell

The Faculty would like to thank the following staff for their contribution and services and wishes them all the best.

Dr Lim Ching Chiat, Department of Restorative Dentistry, left the Faculty in July 1998. She will however, continue to be a part-time lecturer in the Faculty.

Dr Liu Hai Ping, completed her contract as research assistant with thw Departmentof Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in May 98.

Upcoming Events

Faculty 70th Anniversary Celebration ( 1929 - 1999)

The 70th Anniversary is truely an event worth looking out for. As highlighted in the previous issue of Dental Mirror, this will involve three days of intense activity. It not only involves academic pursuit, but promises to be a great reunion for all graduates of the Faculty. The committee has painstakingly planned activities to involve as many people as possible, but we need all of you to make the celebrations complete. Therefore, if it is just to play a round of golf with your oold buddies, or get in touch with the latest developments in dentistry, we hope you can join us for this big party.

Date Time Event
24 September 1999 Afternoon Golf
25 September 1999 Whole Day Scientific Programme
    Opening Ceremony
    Dinner and Dance
26 September 1999 Morning Public Forum
    Public Open House

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