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Issue No. 4, October 1998

Alumni Day

Dr Keson Tan demonstratingthe DenX system.

The University celebrated Alumni Day on the 5th of September. As part of the celebrations, our faculty held an open house to allow members of our alumnus to meet. It also gave our alumni a glimpse of how teaching has changed over the years. An example is the DenX system, which links the simulator used in operative dentistry to an advanced computer system. Sensors to the habdpieces not only allow the student to see how they follow the proper outline form, they can even monitor th eproximity to the pulp chamber! This allows the students to make objective self-assessments and measure their improvements. Furthermore it is possible to connect teaching staff to the previous terminals to monitor the progress of different students in the class. This system is also equipped to provide teaching material as the student advances from one stage to another.

Some of our alumni and staff of the family

The Faculty Website was also showcased and opportunities were given for an interactive session on the computers. Other items, such as the photo gallery and the faculty video kept our alumni busy. The highlight of the day, no doubt, was the Alumni lecture delivered by our DPM Tony Tan providing us with valuable insight on tertiary education in the twenty-first century.

Faculty Award's Day

The first Faculty Award's Day was held at the Kent Ridge Wing Auditorium on 20 August 1998. Prior to this, awards and prizes were handed out on separate occassions. With the introduction of a specific Award's Day, it was possible to make it one grand event. DVC Shih was present to grace the occassion, and members of the staff from other faculties were also well represented. Most significant was the fact that many proud parents were also there to see their children recieve prizes.

Mr Lim Eng Bok (R) recieving his long service award from the Dean

Numerous awards were handed out that evening. The contributions of many non-academic staff were recognised with awards. Mr Lim Eng Bok was rewarded for an incredible 50 years of service to the Faculty. Many graduates would be familiar with the names of our performance and merit award recipients all of whom have contributed tirelessly to the Faculty over the years. For academic staff, the Excellence in Teaching Award was given to A/Prof Grace Ong and Dr Winston Tan.

DVC Shih presenting the execellence in teaching award to A/Prof Grace Ong

Our students though, were the main forcus of the ceremony. The two winners of the Undergraduates Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) presented their prize-winning research. The group consisting of Arthur Lim, Shally Tan, Marina Teh and Wong Mun Loke also managed to bag the second prize at the recent APDSA conference. Students who made the dean's list as well as book prize and medal winners were rewarded for hard work and smarts.

Some of our graduating class of 1998

Fresh graduates who successfully completed the GPM course were presented their certificates as well. It gave many a kick when they first heard themselves beiing addressed as 'Doctor'! There was a great element of good cheer as the Faculty took this day off to reward its members for a job well done.

Awards given to Staff

Performance Award and Merit Awards
50-year service award Mr Lim Eng Bok
Performance Awards Mdm EkBen Lai
Mr Lai Yong Lim
Miss Woo Fong Kuen
Mdm Navammaal Vadivale
Merit Awards Mr Francis Ang Biang Soon
Mdm Goh Kim Eng
Mr Ho Weng Siak
Mr Baskaran Joseph
Mdm Kwek Hwee Buay
Excellence in Teaching Awards A/Prof Grace Ong
Dr Winston Tan
Top students of the graduating class of 1998
University Bronze Medal Lye Kok Weng
Malaysian Dental Association Book Prize Lye Kok Weng
Dr FAC Ohlers Gold Medal Tay Yen Yee, Juliet
Drs Tay & Partners Gold Medal Oh Sin Yin, Geraldine Simone
LC Lien Dental Clinic Glod Medal in Preventive Dentistry II Tan Chuan Sien
IADR Gold Medal Ng Hsu Ching, Lynnette

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