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Issue No. 4, October 1998

3rd NUS Clinical Dentistry Symposium
by PatrickTseng and Winston tan

Sunday, 29th March was not a typicalrest day for many dentistswho attended the 3rd NUS Clinical Dentistry Symposium. This full-day event was conducted by the School of Postgraduate Dental Studies and the National University Hospital at the Kent Ridge Wing Auditorium.

As reported in the previous issue of Dental Mirror (issue No. 2, Oct 1997), this is an annual event where both local and foreign speakers are invited to lecture in their ares of interest and specialisation.

Invited overseas speakers addressed current issues of relevance to the busy clinician. They were Professor John Reinhardt, Professor Malcolm Jones and Professor Anthony Pogrel; all recognised experts in their respective fields of speciality. Topics were varied, ranging from 'Indirect posterior aesthetic restorations' to 'Treatment philosophies in the management of impacted mandibular third molars'.

Local speakers were represented by Dr Christina Sim, A/Prof Keng Siong Beng, Dr Loh Poey Ling, Dr Madeline Gunaratnam and Dr Winston Tan.

The programme was extensive and rigorous. However, a trade exhibition, two teas, and a big lunch allowed participants, speakers and organising staff to mingle in a relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere. With enthusiastic support of 190 participants, the organisers are looking forward to an even larger attendance in 1999.

Inter-Faculty Seminars 1998/99

In conjunction with various other Faculties and in the interests of multidisciplinary research and communication, the Committee for Continuing Dental Education has arranged various Inter-Faculty Seminars for the coming academic year.

The first seminar was conducted on 24th September 1998, together with the Faculty of Engineering, on Applied Biomaterials and Bioengineering in Dentistry (see article on Distinguished Vistor Programme - Professor Nicholls). Many participants commented that the free exchange of knowledge with experts in other fields provided them with valuable new perspectives and insights.

Three other seminars have been lined up with the Cardiac Department, Department of Anaesthesia and Department of Oncology, all from the Faculty of Medicine. These will address issues faced by the dental clinician with regard to management of cardiac patients, intubation procedures and oncology patients.

It is envisaged that these and future seminars will promote greater dialogue among professionals from various disciplines.

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