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Issue No. 4, October 1998

Selected Faculty of Dentistry On-going Projects

No. Name of Principal Investigator Title of Project
1 Chew Chong Lin Evaluation of DCS Titan systems for crowns
2 Loh Poey Ling An evaluation of the reline accuracy of removable partial dentures with a microwave polymerising acrylic resin
3 Lim Lum Peng A clinical study & SEM study of (a) various modalities of treatment of hypersensitive teeth (b) different methods of removal of extrinsic stains
4 Keson Tan Screw-joint preload of osseointegrated implant components
5 Hilary Thean Dental health awareness amongst preschoolers
6 Kelvin Foong Craniofacial morphology in cleft lip and palate
7 Chew Chong Lin Application of advanced flexible and tough composite concept in developing dental biomaterials
8 Lim Lum Peng Evaluation of management of halitosis through oral hygiene measures
9 Keng Siong Beng Characterisation of TMJ sounds in a non-clinic sample using RID analysis
10 Adrian Yap Computerised clinical diagnosis program for temporomandibular disorders
11 Stephen Hsu A SEM evaluation of the role of fusion of enamel hydroxyapaptite in the laser- induced caries prevention
12 Adrian Yap Degradation mechanisms of composite resins in occlusal contact area (OCA) wear
13 Stephen Hsu Evaluation of two laser-induced caries protective effects on enamel:purification of hydroxyapatite crystals and organic plugging in enamel
14 Yeo Jinn Fei Immuno-diagnosis of cystic odontogenic tumours and cysts of jaw
15 Kelvin Foong Decision analysis in Orthodontics

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