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Issue No. 5, March 1999


This issue of the Dental Mirror celebrates people. Many of our readers have expressed that they are unfamiliar with the recent additions to our staff. This issue serves to address the issue (forgive the pun, I couldn't resist). Our institution is made up of people, the staff and student population. As we near its 70th Birthday, it is a timely reminder that the Faculty is a sum of all these parts, its direction of growth dependent on a collective single-mindedness of these individuals. This relationship is symbiotic, as the institution should provide fertile soil for the growth and development of the individual. The balance however, between independent, creative thought and mass consensus is always a tenuous one. Perhaps, striking a balance is the key to maintaining a vibrant and yet disciplined working environment.

As it is impossible to showcase everyone in the Faculty, I have opted to concentrate on the newer members of Academic and Non-academic staff ambushed along the corridors of NUH. They have been kind enough to allow us access to part of their lives and it is hoped these vignettes will allow us some insight into the heart and soul of the Dental faculty.

In addition, some special mention is made on a few selected Faculty events and activities, notably an update on the 70th Anniversary Celebrations in September, the NUS/SDA Distinguished Speaker and NUS / NUH Clinical Dentistry Symposium. Read on and enjoy!

Winston Tan

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