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Issue No. 5, March 1999

NUS/SDA Distinguished Speaker - Professor Standley Malamed

His lecture "Medical Emergencies" had dentists filling the Stamford Ballroom

Stanley Malamed sweeps into the room, grabs your hand in a warm and friendly handshake. His grasp is firm and deliberate, all this while he towers over you, smiling benevolently. This man has presence. You know this for a fact because you have seen him captivate an audience of close to a thousand people just fifteen minutes beforehand. His lecture "Medical Emergencies" had dentists filling the Stamford Ballroom of the Westin Hotel in the recent Singapore Dental Association International Meeting on 4 April 99. Not surprising. The Professor and chair of Anaesthesia and Medicine in the University of Southern California is an engaging speaker. With eighty-five scientific papers and sixteen chapters in various medical texts and journals, Professor Malamed speaks with an authority, clarity and enthusiasm that is enthralling.

As you spend the next five minutes discussing some anaesthetic drug or the other, trying to sound intelligent and not embarrass yourself, he observes you with those intense eyes as if you are the bearer of a great scientific secret. He listens carefully, never forgetting your name and shares his experiences with the candour of an old friend. All too soon he has rush off in a similar whirlwind fashion. He departs, not before grasping your hand again and pumping it enthusiastically. The room becomes quiet again and there is a noticeable vacuum. You realise that you have just met a truly great man.

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