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Issue No. 5, March 1999

The Clinical Dentistry Examination

In an effort to streamline the clinical examinations and make it less of a tortuous route for the student to obtain his final BDS, we have introduced the Clinical Dentistry Paper to replace the five existing practical examinations. These are: (Restorative Dentistry 1 and 2, full dentures, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery and Pedodontic - Orthodontic practicals).

This paper consists of two Sections; in Section 1 the student is required to present a completed multi-disciplinary case from his daily work to showcase his ability in general dentistry. For Section 2, the student is given a new case to examine, diagnose and treatment plan. These cases could involve any of the dental disciplines and they are randomly assigned to the student.

The major advantage of this examination is that it is more reflective of real-life dental practice where general practitioners see walk-in cases and diagnose, treat or refer. Another plus point for the student is that examination time is reduced. They now only take these two practical examinations and no longer have to sit for five examinations. This is an examination itself and is not tagged on to any of the theory papers.

This new system was implemented for the examinations in March / April 1999. Both sections of the clinical examination were conducted smoothly for twenty-five students with very positive feedback from the external examiners. One distinction was awarded for the new paper, Clinical Dentistry, to final year student Hur Wei Tieng.

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