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Issue No. 5, March 1999

Upcoming Events - 70th Anniversary Celebrations, September 24th - 26th 1999

In the wake of two large Dental meetings held in Singapore comes the 70th Anniversary celebrations. Many are probably jaded at the thought of attending another "Dental Function". We would like to think otherwise and would like to convince you that this 'function' is different.

How different is it? It has a scientific component, the fancy dinner and the golf tournament like any other meeting. This is beginning to sound familiar, right?

Come Septemberthis year, the dental fraternity will get together for a celebration that happens once in ten years (the last big celebration of the Faculty was the Diamond Jubilee in 1989). Our school has, over the years, relied heavily on your efforts. Whether playing a role as teacher, researcher or clinician, every graduate from this school has been an ambassador responsible for its development. The Dental Faculty is currently well rated by an international advisary panel and we seek to improve this. We cannot do this alone.

Altruism and devotion to our profession has shaped Dental education and practice to what they are today - world class. We appeal to this altruism and spirit within you to support the celebrations and fund raising (Faculty of Dentistry Development Fund) in September. Come join us and meet old friends, swap old tales and reminisce the good old days. Without your collective presence it will have no meaning.

Yes! It has strong scientific component, a grand and fancy dinner and the ubiquitous golf tournament, but come and join us for the camaraderie and spirit that is so uniquely - Dentistry.

The 70th Anniversary Celebrations will be held from 24th - 26th September 1999. Registration fee before 31st July 1999 is $150/-. For more details, please contact Celine at 6772 4987. Keep an eye out for more details in your mailbox.

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