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Millennium Issue, Jan 2000

Deans's Message

Prof Chew Chong Lin

Prof Chew Chong Lin

The Faculty of Dentistry has grown over the last 70 years in the areas of education, research and clinical expertise and so has our dental profession. As we cross into the next millennium, we can be proud of our achievements especially in the professional success of our Alumni. Our 70th anniversary celebration was a great success and this would not have been possible without the generous support from our graduates, our students and our staff. Though we have come a long way in building our reputation, we must not rest on our past achievements but be prepared to face the challenges of the new millennium.

I can assure our Alumni that our Faculty has already made plans to meet these challenges. We are happy to announce that approval has been given for us to have an additional floor, which will be ready by end of the year 2000. Plans are also being made to upgrade our preclinical facilities as well as set up a training clinic for continuing education courses. You will also see more research being done by the Faculty. Additional graduate programmes are also being planned. All these will auger well for our profession. The Faculty will continue to keep you informed of our progress.

I take this opportunity to wish all of you every success, good health and happiness for the new millennium.

Prof Chew Chong Lin

Message from the Chairperson

A/Prof Jennifer Neo

A/Prof Jennifer Neo

The 70th Anniversary Celebration was a befitting auspicious occasion to bring us to the close of the last century. In the following pages of this millennium issue, Winston and his team have attempted to capture just a sample of the sacrifices and efforts of the numerous persons involved in this elaborate project. Was it worth it? If the highlight of the event, that is, the reunion dinner could be taken as a measure, we could not help but be overwhelmed by that night when the air positively glowed with the spirit and the camaraderie of our alumnus.

The success of the celebration was achieved through the combined efforts and support from many persons and I wish to thank the Dean, my committee, the Faculty including the nurses, technicians and non-academic staff, students, dental companies, special friends and especially the alumnus for responding wholeheartedly to make the 70th anniversary a historical success. Thank you all and may the spirit of our alumnus continue to thrive as we stride forward to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

A/Prof Jennifer Neo


by Dr Winston Tan

Before we know it, the new millennium has crept up upon us. The Y2K problem has come and gone, whatever its earth shattering consequences. In a twisted way, it is testimony to mankind and its ability to foresee and prevent potential disasters, ironically even those arising from its own lack of foresight.

This need to glimpse into the future and plan ahead has put the human race in good stead. Over the years, the evolution and progress our profession has seen could only have come about through the relentless efforts of visionaries working toward innovation. Dental education in Singapore has invariably been swept onward with this tide of change. This is what we have been celebrating during the 70th Anniversary of our Faculty.

We plan for the future, but reminiscing the past was what many did during the event and the purpose of this issue is to contribute paradoxically to both the future and the past. By chronicling the celebrations, it is for the future that we may have some record of this event in the archives of our institution.

Our Faculty recognises this intimate link between past and future as well. The dichotomous approach toward the elderly in the community service project and the faculty's recognition of the need to care for the next generation as the choice of public forum topic (70th Anniversary Celebrations) reflects this.

Therefore, we plan for the year ahead and the future, following the intrinsic drumbeat within us that is distinctly human. Armed with our New Year's resolutions and good intentions, we glide, trudge or are hauled against our will into the next millennium. To all our readers, it is my wish that the worst of your futures be the best of your past.

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