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Millennium Issue, January 2000

Promotions and Appointments

Laboratory Technologist Promotions
Mr Ang Biang Soon to Senior Laboratory Technologist
Laboratory Attendent Promotions
Mdm Vadivale Navaammal to Operations Support Officer Grade IV


Professor Chew Chong Lin and A/Prof Keng Siong Beng were appointed member of the advisory committee on dentistry to the Ministry of Health on matters relating to dentistry.

Professor Loh Hong Sai was elected President, Guild of Dental Graduates for the academic year 1999/2000. He was also appointed Honorary Dental Consultant/Advisor to the Society for the Aged Sick.

A/Prof Lim Lum Peng was appointed an affiliate of the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL).

Dr Keson Tan was appointed sub-dean of the Faculty of Dentistry from 1 August 1999 to 31st July 2000. He was also appointed Director of Centre of Information Technology and Applications (CITA) with effect from 1 August 1999 to 31 December 2000.

Dr Loh Fun Chee was appointed Adjunct Associate Professor with effect from 3 January 2000.

Mr Ho Weng Siak and Mdm Goh Kim Eng were appointed lab administrator and assistant lab administrator, respectively.

Miss Boh Siew Thang was appointed Lab Technologist Grade B (Radiographer) and assumed duty on 21 December 1999.


The Faculty and the National University Hospital have been awarded the "Friend of the Elderly" by the Lion Befrienders. This award is for our services in the community project for the elderly.

A/Prof Grace Ong was awarded the University Teaching Award for 1999.

Dr Loh Poey Ling was awarded the University Outstanding Researcher Award 1999, together with A/Prof Ramakrishnan Seeram and Dr Ganesh Vijay Kumar (Mechanical and Production Engineering and Institute of Materials Research and Engineering) for the development of a functionally graded material for dentistry.

Long Service Awards

Mrs Wong Li Ping was awarded the Long Service Medal at the National Day Awards 1999, in recognition of her dedicated service to the University.


Dr Adrian Yap is the happy father of a baby girl, born 31 December 1999. This is his first child.

Ms Sophia Wong gave birth to a baby boy on 21 August 1999. This is her first child.

Ms Hazel Wong gave birth to a baby boy on 28 July 1999. This is her second child.

Fond Farewell

Apart from the apparent contradiction of terms, the Faculty of Dentistry bade farewell and welcome to two Professors in Orthodontics.

Prof Andrew Sandham

Prof Andrew Sandham

In his four and a half years at the Faculty, Professor Andrew Sandham's friendly disposition and strong academic credentials has made him a very likable teacher. Since joining the Faculty in April 1995, he has been a driving force in raising the international status of the NUS Orthodontic Postgraduate Programme. As the Chairman of the programme, he has mirrored the postgraduate orthodontic curriculum after the ERASMUS programme, widely adopted as the gold standard for orthodontic training in Europe. This puts our training standards on par with European Institutions.

In addition, his one main interest, other than a host of academic ones, is the stock market. If anyone wanted a comprehensive course in this field, Prof Sandham was most able to assist. In September 1999, Prof Sandham retired from full-time academia. Many of us will miss his company, his enthusiasm and keen mind. But honestly, I can't imageine Prof Sandham retiring completely. With more time on his hands nowadays, he is moving around the globe pursuing some of his favourite initiatives. All the best to you Andrew!

Prof Jan Huggare

Prof Jan Huggare

To prevent a vacuum in the orthodontic leadership, the Faculty is therefore very pleased to welcome Professor Jan Huggare from Stockholm, Sweden on the 12 July 1999. Prof Huggare, a Finn by birth, holds the Chairmanship of the Orthodontic Department at the Karolinska Institute. He brings with him a strong research background to the NUS postgraduate orthodontic programme. Besides his academic abilities, Prof Huggare is also an established concert violinist, having played for the Dunedin Symphonic Orchestra during his previous sabbatical in New Zealand. Since coming to Singapore, he has taken a liking to the culturally distinct foods of Singapore, like curry and chicken rice. Sometimes, one can even detect a bit of Singlish! From all of us in the Faculty, we warmly welcome Prof Huggare and his family and trust that they will have an enjoyable and enriching time in Singapore.

Dr Kelvin Foong

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