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Issue No. 6, Oct 2000

Faculty Awards' Day - 31 August 2000

The Faculty Awards' Day was held on 31 August 2000 at the Kent Ridge Wing Auditorium and it provided a chance not only for staff to be rewarded for their outstanding contributions to the faculty, but also for stellar students to be acknowledged for their results in the examinations. Dr Benedict Tan, doctor of sports and medicine, decorated national sailor and Asian games gold medalist, was our guest speaker this year. He gave an inspiring talk, on lessons learnt from competitive sailing could be applied to achieving our goals. The winners of the UROP competition, also showcased their work by making two presentations to an audience comprising staff, students, invited guests and proud parents.

This year, many awards were handed out to staff, from long service awards, excellence in teaching to merit awards for non-academic staff. The highlight this year for students though, must undoubtedly belong to Dr Marlene Teo, who was given the BDS (honours) this year - truely a great achievement. Congratulations to all award winners!

Faculty Teaching excellence Award 1999/2000
Dr Kelvin Foong Weng Chiong, Department of Preventive Dentistry
Dr Betty Mok Yuen Yue, Department of Preventive Dentistry
Non-Academic Staff Performance Awards
Mrs Maria Quan Lee Lang Miss Teng Wey Fong
Non-Academic staff Merit Awards
Mrs Linda Lee Mr Lim Eng Bock
Mr Ho Weng Siak Mr Sukaimi Bin Harun
Mrs Doris Wong
BDS Honours
Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) Honours - Miss Marlene Teo graduated with BDS (Honours) in 2000. The last BDS (Honours) was awarded in 1985.
Dean's List
Year 1

Boey Pui Yunn (Miss)
Chooi Kar Wei (Miss)
Lum Ooi Ying (Miss)
Tan Wei Yang, Bernard
Tay Li Chye

Year 2 Lye Poh Wah, Clement
Toh Teck Kiong, Ainsley
Yap Siang-Hui
Yap Wai Yan (Miss)
Year 3

Leong Yoon Hee
Loh Ee Tyug (Miss)
Poon Kee Hwang (Miss)
Tang Sin Yee, Anna (Miss)
Teh Wee Lyn (Miss)

Year 4 Eng Kim Kim, Merry Anne (Miss)
Tan Hui Ling, Sharon (Miss)
Teo Marlene (Miss)
First Professional B.D.S Examination
Singapore Dental Association President's Silver Medal Boey Pui Yunn (Miss)
Singapore Dental Association President's Bronze Medal Lum Ooi Ying (Miss)
Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Gold Medal Tan Choon Siong, Aaron
Tay Li Chye
Drs Tay & Partners Dental Surgeons Gold Medal (Anatomy) Boey Pui Yunn (Miss)
Wrigley Company Book Prize (Biochemistry)(2nd Highest in Biochemistry) Chooi Kar Wei (Miss)
NTUC Denticare Gold Medal (Biochemistry) Boey Pui Yunn (Miss)
Second Professional B.D.S. Examination
University Sliver Medal (First in Examination) Toh Teck Kiong, Ainsley
University Bronze Medal (Second in Examination) Lye Poh Wah, Clement
Academy of Medicine Gold Medal (Microbiology and Pathology) Koh Wei Ching (Miss)
Robert Lin Memorial Medal (Silver)(Pharmacology) Toh Teck Kiong, Ainsley
Third Professional B.D.S. Examination
Edmund Tay Mai Hong Bronze Medal (First in Examination without Distinction) Tang Sin Yee, Anna (Miss)
Singapore Dental Association Silver Medal (Medicine) Teh Wey Lyn (Miss)
Mummery Medal (Oral Pathology)(Silver) Leong Yoon Hee
Final Professional B.D.S. Examination
University Bronze Medal (First in Examination) Marlene Teo (Miss)
Tratman Medal (General Proficiency), (Silver), (Most Distinguished Graduate) On reccomendation by the Faculty of Dentistry Marlene Teo (Miss)
FAC Ohlers Gold Medal (Best Clinical Student) Marlene Teo (Miss)
Dr Tay & Partners Gold Medal (Best All Round Final Year Student) Tan Tsieu Fyien, Tsumain (Miss)
LC Lien Dental Clinic Book Prize in Preventive Dentistry II (Orthodontics and Pedodontics) Woo Mei Yee (Miss)
IADR Book Prize (Best Student in Preventive Dentistry I) Woo Mei Yee (Miss)
Loh Fun Chee Gold Medal (Best Student in Clinical Dentistry) (Shared) Lai Juen Bin (Miss)
Tan Tsieu Fyien, Tsumain (Miss)
Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal (Best Student thorughout course of study) Marlene Teo (Miss)
Pierre Fauchard Academy Scholarship Goh Siak Shyong, President of Dental Society
Undergraduates Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) Projects
1st Prize
Title: In-vitro evaluation of a new apex locator
(supervised by Dr Varawan Sae-Lim)
Ng Keng Howe
Ong Teng Sin
Tan Bee Shih, Mavis
Tan Tsieu Fyien,Tsumain
2nd Prize
Title: The effects of antimicrobial mouthrinses on the prevention of alveolar ostitis and postoperative infection following mandibular 3rd molar surgery
(Supervised by A/P Yeo Jinn Fei)
Goh Wan-Lin,Jacqueline
Lau Puay Tse, Jolene
Ng Sin Hwee
Marlene Teo
The above 2 groups presented their projects at the APDSA Congress (14-19 August 2000) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The project entitled "The effect of antimicrobial mouthrinses on the prevention of alveolar osteitis and postoperative infection following mandibular third molar surgery(supervised by A/P Yeo Jinn Fei)" won the second prize.


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