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Issue No. 6, Oct 2000

Orientation 2000

Our Faculty scores successes in Orientation 2000

The Freshman Orientation Committee 2000 planned and executed the recently concluded Freshman Orientation Programme, with the aims of welcoming the Freshman to the Dental Faculty and to promote Senior-Freshman interaction.

The programme started with a warm and fun-filled Orientation Camp, which was held at Pasir Ris PA Campsite. The 3-day camp helped foster close ties amongst the Freshman and also challenged them to work as a team.

Following the camp, activities like the Home Visit, a clinic visit, and a pre-Rag and Flag Day's 'All Night Long' were planned to give the Freshmen a chance to develop their interaction skills and to deepen their understanding of the profession. A special Carnival module was also included this year to help raise funds for the special beneficiaries the the NUS Student Union has adopted.

Dentistry has always held pride in its active participation in NUS's traditional Rag and Flag Day. The 3 weeks prior to this celebration was spent in preparation for the Float presentation and it proved tobe invaluable time for the freshmen to bond with the existing students. Under the leadership of the Year 2s, the enthusiastic Freshmen crafted an award-winning float that stood in a league of its own and clinched the awards for the "Best Float Design" and "Most Environmentally Friendly Float". To top it off, the Dental Faculty emerged as "Gold Medal" winners for the Rag Day.

In addition, the Freshmen also excelled on doing their part for Charity. They collected enough during the Flag Day to clinch the "Platinium Award". Finally, as an icing to the cake, the sale of home-baked muffins at a stall in the Carnival, managed by the Year 2's and Freshmen, also clinched the much coverted "Best Food Stall for Faculty Clubs' Award'.

These achievements show that size does not matter, as the smallest faculty in NUS emerged victorious despite the stiff competition from the other larger faculties. Instead, its showed that teamwork and team-spirit are qualities that were most important for the faculty's success.

The stunning performance andoutstanding accomplishments achieved by the Freshmen and students madethe Freshmen Orientation Programme a memorable success. With aims achieved and new standards set, the desire to accomplish more is far from being satiated. Upholding the spirit of a close-knit community, the faculty desires to do better in future Freshmen Orientation Programmes.

Aaron Tan Yr2, FOC Chairman

Deans Tea

The annual dean's tea was held on 31 July 2000. It was an opportunity for the Freshmen and their parents to acquaint themselves with members of the theaching faculty. Tours of the faculty were conducted for parents and guests, for them to have a better understanding of the study environment their children were in. In his speech, the Dean, Prof Chew Chong Lin told both parents and students of the rigours of the course, and also of the rewards of doing well. This was followed by a reception, for all to get acquainted.

Welcome Tea

The welcome tea held on 20 July 2000 was a gesture to welcome the incoming first year students. It also gave them a chance to meet their teachers and seniors. Like teas in the past, it was a raucous event, with seniors, freshmen and staff enjoying the occasion.

Buffet Night 2000

The best memories are often made of good friends, good food and a little slice of time together. That, in retrospect, summed up Buffet Night 2000, held at the Guild House, an annual event that signifies the culmination of the Freshmen Orientation Programme. After a month of numerous orientation activities, the 34 'Freshies' were inducted into the Dental family as Year One Students.

Daniel Goh, Buffet Nite Coordinator

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