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Issue No. 8, December 2001

Revamped Faculty of Dentistry Website

The Faculty of Dentistry website has been given a fresh new look with the introduction of the new corporate identity for the National University of Singapore in August. It has incorporated into its design new corporate colours and identity of the University. A vibrant orange banner will now greet visitors to our website.


A navigational menu which is available on every page of the Faculty's website allows easy surfing through the whole website. Visitors can move from topic to topic just by clicking on the headings shown in the navigational menu. This menu is categorised into Faculty, Academic and Public information. Topics found within each of the category are also listed. The menu also serves as the sitemap for the Faculty website. To return to the Homepage, visitors need only to click on the Faculty of Dentistry text on the orange banner.


Faculty's research has been highlighted with a section showing the Faculty's research activities. These activities are presented in a tabulated manner clearly showing the date, time, venue, discussion topic and the speakers involved. Faculty Staff use these WebPages as a diary of events. Visitors to this page can catch a glimpse of the Faculty's research culture.

Continuing Dental Education

Another effort to reach the public and alumni is the CDE link available on the main page. This will bring visitors to the Continuing Dental Education section. Announcements for Continuing Dental Education courses/lectures, its synopsis, date; time and venue are clearly shown in a tabulated form. Webpages for interesting lectures are also put up to highlight the courses and the speakers involved. Downloadable registration forms for these CDE courses/lectures are available too which makes this page a 'one-stop' for CDE activities.


In the Archives page, visitors can view WebPages of past events. The Faculty's 70th Anniversary Celebrations photo gallery is available here. Past WebPages for CDE courses are also available here.

These are just sample bytes from our new Faculty website.

A/Prof Keng Siong Beng
Chairman Faculty IT/ET Committee

Mr Tok Wee Wah
Analyst Programmer

Freshmen Orientation Programme 2001

The orientation took off with a guided tour during Administration Day, followed by Orientation Camp at Pasir Ris.

The Winning Team....

During the traditional All Night Long which is a run up to the Rag & Flag Day, the freshmen sang, told jokes and interacted with staff, doctors and seniors. At the Rag & Flag Day, our float - a magical castle, clinched an unprecedented 4 awards - Best Float Design, The Most Environmentally Friendly Float, Best Float Presentation, and Best Overall Float.

Freshmen at Welcome Tea....

The next few weeks consisted of a visit to a private clinic, the tri-faculty Jam-&-Hop, a Home Visit to the Bukit Batok Home for the Aged, and a Welcome Tea.

Last but not least was Buffet Night where the students of all the 4 years put up outstanding plays.

Buffet Night Entertainment

The theme for this year's Orientation was A Moment to Cherish, The Challenge to Embrace. The aim - to bond the Freshmen together, and to foster closer ties between the freshmen and all members of the faculty and profession. We certainly hope that we have achieved these aims and that the Orientation has left the freshmen with fond memories.

Florence Wong
Freshmen Orientation Chairperson 2001

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