Incoming Students


Orientation Programme

Successful applicants to the MDS Residency Training Programme will be informed by end March/April.


Core Courses Requirements

Students will be required to:

  1. Attend a Clinical Dental Photography course during the first year of study.

  2. Attend the Basic Course in Dental Implantology

  3. Attend the Biostatistics course in preparation for the Research Thesis.

  4. (only for foreign students) Read the “SSM1205 The Nation’s health: Lesson from SARS” e-module available at

  5. Attend the BCLS and ACLS course.

  6. Attend any other compulsory courses as advised by the respective Programme Directors.

  7. Undertake a research project and publish a dissertation. Research protocols are to be submitted by the end of year one.

Matriculation Procedures

Hepatitis B Immunity report for Incoming Students

  • All students are required to submit a medical report with information on current status with regards to Hepatitis B Immunisation and serous status by a certified medical practitioner.
  • This report is to be presented to the Division of Graduate Dental Studies, Faculty of Dentistry, National University Hospital Medical Affairs (Human Resources) as well as the Singapore Dental Council.

Singapore Dental Council Registration

  1. All students are required to have a valid Singapore Dental Council registration AND the annual practicing certificate during the course of their study.
  2. For enquiries and to download the Application Form, please refer to the Singapore Dental Council website.
  3. Incoming students are required to submit completed forms and required documentation to the Division of Graduate Dental Studies, Faculty of Dentistry. The documentation will then be forwarded to the Singapore Dental Council by the Faculty.
  4. Students will be required to go down personally to the Singapore Dental Council personally on the day of Matriculation to complete their registration.

Registration for Medical Protection Society

  1. All students are required to be covered against Medical Malpractise.
  2. Application to the Medical Protection Society can be made via Singapore Dental Association Application Forms as well as information on Fees and Benefits can be downloaded from their website at the FAQ section.
  3. Students may like to consider joining the Singapore Dental Association to enjoy a discounted price towards application for the Medical Protection Society. Information on joining SDA is available at their website.

National University Health System Application

  1. Students are also required to register personally to the NUHS Medical Affairs (Human Resources) for the Dental Officer (Trainee) position.
  2. The malpractise insurance cover and Hepatitis B Immunity Report should also be presented at the point of registration.


Payment of Tuition Fees

  1. Students are also encouraged to apply for payment of tuition fees by GIRO. More information on payment of fees and GIRO application, please refer to the Office of Finance (Student Section).
  2. For General Information
  3. Students are to download the tax invoice via Student Service Centre (ISIS) for payment of fees. They are to proceed to the Office of Finance for payment accordingly.

NUS Student Matriculation Card

Your Matriculation Card is proof of your student status, an access card for smart access to certain areas within the Faculty and also your library card.


NUSNET Student Account

  1. Students will also be issued with a NUSNET USERID. This USERID is used access NUSNET services, including the NUS email.
  2. Students can check their emails online via Students are responsible for checking their emails regularly as official communications will be via these accounts.
  3. This account also enables students to access the Faculty of Dentistry Intranet (DENNET)
  4. Acceptable Use Policy



  1. It is compulsory for all MDS students to possess a notebook.
  2. Students may wish to consider doing so under the Notebook Ownership Scheme. The University has secured a very attractive notebook tender from which students can purchase your notebook. Please evaluate and purchase all notebooks based on your budget.


A briefing will be conducted for all incoming students by our IT Unit to familiarise them to the functions of the system.

For International Students

International Students can access useful information about Singapore and preparations for arrival (e.g. housing, airport reception, etc) at Singapore at the:


Other Useful Links

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