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Staff and Students

CHU Wern Cui
Research Assistant


Wern Cui graduated with Bachelor of Science (Hons. in Biotechnology) from the University Malaysia Sabah (2012) and Master of Science (Molecular Biology) from University Putra Malaysia (2015). Her bachelor and master study had exposed her to techniques in advanced molecular biology and basic bioinformatics applications. Her current research focuses on role of stem cell paracrine functions in cartilage regeneration.


MOGAL Vishal
Research Assistant


Vishal Mogal received his M.S. (Pharm.) in Pharmaceutics from National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research-NIPER (Ahmedabad, India) where he worked on the Lipid-based nanocarriers particularly Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery. In 2011, he enrolled as a Ph.D. student  in School of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU and worked on Radical Based ‘On-demand’ Bioresorbable Soft Tissue Adhesives. His research interest includes degradable polymers, medical device development, transdermal & topical drug delivery systems, implant-soft tissue interface, light activated bioadhesives, surface functionalization of thin films, an effect of surface patterning on adhesion mechanism, drug eluting balloons, nanomaterials and hydrogels.


ZHANG Shipin
PhD Student

Ms Shipin received her Bachelor of Medicine in Dentistry from Tongji Medical School of HUST in China (2012). When completed her one-year internship in Dental Centre of Wuhan Union Hospital, including six months in Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Department, she continued her postgraduate study and completed Master Degree in Biomedical Engineering in NTU. During her bachelor and master study she has developed comprehensive knowledge of oral surgery, skills of cell culture and animal handling, as well as engineering techniques such as 3D design. Her research interest lies in the application of stem cells for cartilage repair and regeneration.

MDS Student


Haseeb graduated with Bachelor of dental surgery (BDS) from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry - Pakistan in 2008, where he secured distinction and university position in the final professional examination. Later he did 2-years clinical residency in Periodontology in Pakistan, where he conducted community and clinical studies resulting in publications.  He also facilitated in a collaborated research with University of Leeds- UK on genetic testing of patients affected by Amelogenesis Imperfecta, a study funded by Welcome Trust UK. In 2013, Dr Haseeb joined National University of Singapore as a graduate student in MDS Periodontology. His current research centers on growth factors and small molecules and stem cells for tissue engineering.


UROP Students

Group No : 15-12
Ang Vivien, Ong Yujie, Sng Timothy, Tan Wen Li

Group No : 14-03
Constance Teoh Kang Ting, Dyeo Xiaohao Jerrold, Rachel  Seet Fangying & Wilson Dan Wah Kiat

Group No : 14-06
Charlotte Loo Shu Ling, Ng Gek Yeen Jiya & Lim Sze Min 


Research Interns

Chuah Shang Jiunn


Polytechnic Interns

Nicole Tan Gin Gin
Goh Chen Yun

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