Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme


The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) provides every undergraduate in NUS an opportunity to carry out supervised research work. Students work alone or in group under the guidance of a research mentor to explore research ideas and test hypotheses as a way of discovering new knowledge.

Since its inception in 1996, the UROP has been the primary means in which dental undergraduates are exposed to research. Academic staff and part-time teachers have provided research guidance to dental students, many of whom have done the Faculty proud at excelling in the APDSA scientific competitions.

Principal Supervisors’ Responsibilities

Academic Staff are advised to:

  1. Select a project which makes use of the existing equipment facilities in the Faculty or University.

  2. Have a project which can be completed in the 1½ years allotted to the students.

  3. Arrange a schedule of meetings regularly to ensure that students are working consistently and problems are detected and solved at an early stage.

  4. Budget - Please guide the students in working out the budget and submit the budget on the prescribed form to the Dean’s Office. You are not required to obtain quotations at this time. The costing of items should be under broad categories eg. stationery etc. The purchase of equipment is generally not encouraged.


  1. UROP Guidelines

  2. UROP Form 1

  3. UROP Form 2

  4. UROP Form 3

  5. UROP Form 4

  6. UROP Form 5

  7. Time Schedule