Faculty UROP Day

15th UROP Day Research Presentations by Dental Students

This year’s research event was renamed the UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme) Day so as is to better reflect the nature of the presentations done by dental students in their research programme. 

Held on the 19th of November at the FOD Auditorium, it attracted a big audience of dental students and staff. The session was chaired by Dr Intekhab Islam and it began with the introductory address given by Assoc Prof Cao Tong, Vice Dean of Research. We were privileged to have three faculty staff as assessors namely, Prof Murray Meikle, Dr Chang Po-Chun and Dr Amr Fawzi.

A total of 10 groups of the final year students presented their research findings, a culmination of their hard and dedicated team work over a one and a half year period. Guided by their supervisors the topics ranged from clinical and epidemiological surveys to bench top research in areas ranging from dental materials to stem cells.

With the usual enthusiasm and excellent presentations the judges found it a tough call to decide on the winners. The general standard was very high and the students and staff should be congratulated on the research work and the results from the studies.


The Assessors of UROP Day, Dr Chan Po-Chun, Dr Amr Fawzy, Prof Murray Meikle and Dr Intekhab Islam (chairman)

for full research groups and project titles

The Results of the UROP competition:

1st  Project title: Characterisation of oral/dental fibroblasts from human embryonic stem cells
Members: Huang Shiming, Koo Chieh Shen, Lu Weixun Wilson, Luo  Yu’en
Supervisor: A/P Cao Tong
Co-Supervisor: A/P Yeo Jin Fei

The wining team with co-supervisor, A/P JF Yeo, and supervisor A/P Cao Tong


2nd Project title:The functionality of three CBCT viewing software on the evaluation of impacted maxillary canines. Members: Goh Aik Wei, Huang Shuyan, Lim Wei Ying Justine, Lim Wen Yi
Supervisor: A/P Kelvin Foong
Co-Supervisor: A/P SB Keng, Dr Rahul Nair

2nd, Team with co-supervisors A/P SB Keng and Dr Rahul Nair, Supervisor A/P Kelvin Foong absent

3rd (Tie) Project title: Pushing educational boundaries-Is 3D interactive computer assisted learning more effective as a pedagogical tool than traditional educational setting?
Member: Phang Minle Valene, Tan Wan Yi, Xu Meiling Charmaine, Yap En Jia Stephanie
Supervisor: A/P Yeo Jin Fei
Co-Supervisor: A/P Kelvin Foong, A/P SB Keng

Joint 3rd, Team with, supervisor A/P Yeo Jin Fei and co-supervisor A/P SB Keng,
A/P Kelvin Foong co-supervisor absent


3rd (Tie) Project title: The association between self-reported temporomandibular disorder symptoms and psychological  socio demographic factors
Members: Sng Tiap Ching Matthew, Tsai Xu Hui Karen, Tong Hei Mun Anabelle,
Tan Wei-Quan Nicholas
Supervisor: A/P Adrian Yap
Co-Supervisor: Dr Intekhab Islam
Joint 3rd, Team with co-supervisor Dr Intekhab Islam, supervisor A/P Adrian Yap absent


5th Project title: Development and validation of a questionnaire for nursing home caregivers in Singapore Members: Guay Peiru Melissa, Lim Mei Yian, Loke Shu Yi, Toh Hui En, Lim Shy Min
Supervisor: A/P Robert Yee
Co-Supervisor: Dr Rahul Nair

5th , Team with co-supervisor  Dr R Nair and supervisor A/P Robert Yee


6th Project title: An In-vitro Study Comparing Fobss and Hardness Test in the Detection of Enamel Demineralisation Members: Chan Boon Hui, Chua Ke Bin Kelvin, Lim Guang Xu David, Lim Muhammad Syazwan, Wong Kuan Yee
Supervisor      : Dr Rahul Nair
Co-Supervisor : Dr Anil Kishen

6th , Team with co-supervisor Dr R Nair, supervisor A/P Anil Kishen absent.










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