Faculty UROP Day

16th UROP Day Research Presentations by Dental Students

2011 UROP Day was held on 18th November at the FOD Auditorium, chaired by Dr Tong Huei Jinn.  The session began with an opening speech by Assoc Prof Cao Tong, Vice Dean of Research. We were privileged to have three faculty staff as judges namely, AP Stephen Hsu, Dr Catherine Hong and Dr Tan Kai Soo

The purpose of Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is to promote and develop research interest in every undergraduate student within the Faculty.  It also aims to allow students and faculty members to interact so as to foster ties in performing the research work and providing the opportunity to acquire skills for the intellectual process of inquiry.

A total of 11 groups of the final year students presented their research findings, a culmination of their hard and dedicated team work over a one and a half year period. Guided by their supervisors the topics ranged from clinical and epidemiological surveys to bench top research in areas ranging from dental materials to stem cells.  At the end of each presentations, students were grilled by questions on their research findings.
Overall, all agreed that a lot of effort and dedication were put in into their projects.  We wish to congratulate all students and supervisors on the research work and the results from the studies.  We hope these will spur the interest in the students to embark into research on a larger scale.


The Assessors of UROP Day, Dr Tan Kai Soo, Dr Catherine Hong, A/P Stephen Hsu and Dr Tong Huei Jinn(chairperson)

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The Results of the UROP competition:

1st  Project title: Flouride Content in Infant Milk Formula
Members: Ng Sze Hwee, Chan Xiu Ling Grace, Yeo Hwee Hsien Samantha, Lim Suq Ping
Supervisors: Dr Joanne Uy and A/P Adrian Yap

The wining team with supervisors, Dr Joanne Uy and A/P Adrian Yab (absent)


2nd Project title: Three-dimensional Repositioning Accuracy of Semi-adjustable Articulator Cast Mounting Systems
Members: Low Hui Yin Ada, Ung Youlin Justina, Tan Ming Yi, Tan En En
Supervisor: A/P Keson Tan

2nd Team with supervisor A/P Keson Tan

3rd Project title: Stem cells and their Potential Applications in Dentistry - An Update
Members:Su Shengle, Ng Si Hao, Ong Jun Ming Darrell, Lau Wen Jian Matthew
Supervisors: A/P Cao Tong and Tong Huei Jinn

3rd Team with supervisor A/P Cao Tong and Tong Huei Jinn


4th Project title:Evaluation of Diabetes-associated Periodontal Destruction via Micro-computed Tomography(micro-CT) in a Rat Model
Members: Ng Ren Jie Jeffrey, Lee Qi Qi, Phay Yong Kang, Erh Kok Yong, Benjamin Ng
Supervisor: Dr Chang Po-Chun

4th team. Supervisor Dr Chang Po-Chun (absent)


5th Project title: Apoptosis and Cell Viability Analysis of Human Calvarial Osteoblasts under Mechanical Strain Members: Khoo Yi Min Liesl, Soh Shean Han, Sabrina Ng Livia, Foong Liyen Alethea
Supervisor: Prof Murray Meikle and Dr Vinoth Kumar

5th Team. Supervisor Prof Murray Meikle (absent) and Dr Vinoth Kumar (absent)


6th Project title: Risk Factors Associated with the Incidence of Nerve Injury after Surgical Removal of Lower Third Molars Members: Lee Bingwen, Chua Sheng Da Jason, Ng Hin Yeung, Yeo Ping Leong
Supervisor      : Dr Intekhab Islam

6th Team. Supervisor Dr Intekhab Islam (absent)










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