Faculty UROP Day

18th UROP Day Research Presentations by Dental Students

2013 UROP Day was held on 22nd November at CRC Auditorium, chaired by Dr Fu Jia Hui.  The session began with an opening speech by Assoc Prof Cao Tong, Vice Dean of Research. Three faculty staff acted as judges namely, AP Keng Siong Beng, Dr Vinicius Rosa and Dr Jaya.

The purpose of Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is to promote and develop research interest in every undergraduate student within the Faculty.  It also aims to allow students and faculty members to interact so as to foster ties in performing the research work and providing the opportunity to acquire skills for the intellectual process of inquiry.

A total of 12 groups of the final year students presented their research findings, a culmination of their hard and dedicated team work over a one and a half year period. Guided by their supervisors the topics ranged from clinical and epidemiological surveys to bench top research in areas ranging from dental materials to stem cells.  At the end of each presentations, students were grilled by questions on their research findings.
Overall, all agreed that a lot of effort and dedication were put in into their projects.  We wish to congratulate all students and supervisors on the research work and the results from the studies.  We hope these will spur the interest in the students to embark into research on a larger scale.




From left: AP Cao Tong (Vice Deans Research), Dr Jaya, AP Keng Siong Beng, Dr Vinicius Rosa

The Results of the UROP competition:

1st  Project title: Creating an iPad e-Learning Module on “Understanding Cone Beam Computed Tomography and its Use in Dental Practice’ with Apple’s iBooks Author

Supervisor: AP Kelvin Foong

From left: AP Kelvin Foong, Huam Yi Xiang, Hu Cidong, Zhang ShiHang, Tok Wee Wah


2nd Project title: Implementation of Oral Care Education in Individualised Education Plans (IEPs) at Special Schools for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – A Survey of Teachers

Supervisors: Dr Tong Huei Jinn

From left: Dr Tong Huei Jinn, Lim RuiQi Cassandra, Lee Hei Yi, Lee Ying Ting, Low YuXuan

3rd Project title: Aesthetic Perceptions of Dental Fluorosis as Compared to Other Dental Conditions Among Residents of Singapore

Supervisors:Dr Rahul Nair
Co-Supervisors: Dr Tong Huei Jinn, AP Robrt Yee

From left: Leo Song Jie, Lee Shih Jia Pauline, Chuang Cheah Ping Janice, Yang QiYue Naomi,
Dr Tong Huei Jinn and Dr Rahul Nair









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