Faculty UROP Day

21st UROP Day Research Presentations by Dental Students

2015 UROP Day was held on 20th November at Dental Auditorium, chaired by Dr Loke Weiqiang.  The session began with an opening speech by Assoc Prof Cao Tong, Vice Dean of Research. We were privileged to have three faculty staff as judges namely, AP Hsu Chin-Ying, Stephen,Prof Kenji Takada and Dr Amr S Fawzy.

The purpose of Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is to promote and develop research interest in every undergraduate student within the Faculty.  It also aims to allow students and faculty members to interact so as to foster ties in performing the research work and providing the opportunity to acquire skills for the intellectual process of inquiry.

Starting from AY2012, in recognition of students’ diversity of interests and different learning styles, the Faculty decided to offer an alternative programme, Clinical Elective Program (CEP) that would cater to the students’ individual interests rather than rigidly impose compulsory research training on them.  The purpose of the CEP is to permit students with interests in dental specialties to gain a deeper understanding in a particular subject through structured clinical attachments (clinical electives). 

A total of 12 UROP groups and 2 CEP groups of the final year students presented their research findings, a culmination of their hard and dedicated team work over a one and a half year period through oral and poster presentations respectively. Guided by their supervisors the topics ranged from clinical and epidemiological surveys to bench top research in areas ranging from dental materials to stem cells.



Rank Group No Supervisor Students Project Title
1st 14-05

Supervisor :
Dr Fu Jia Hui

Co-Supervisor :
Dr Roxanna Esguerra

1) Soh Tian En Gladys

2) Matthias Chen Wei Jin

3) Sim Ming Liang Jeremy

4) Ang Kai Yuit

Risk of Labial Plate Perforation and Aesthetic Risk in the Maxillary Anterior Region: Effect of Implant Diameter and Prosthetic Design
2nd 14-09

Dr Fu Jia Hui

Co-Supervisor :
Dr Roxanna Esguerra

1) Lee Cheng Ting

2) Cherise Lau Yun En

3) Lee Kwang Yueh

4) Michelle Teo Yan Ting

A Comparison of Wide and Narrow Diameter Dental Implants in the Rehabilitation of the Canine and Posterior Regions
3rd 14-04

Supervisor :
Dr Vinicius Rosa

Co-Supervisor :
A/P Jennifer Neo

1) Toh Wen Rong William

2) Eu Jian Yao Edward

3) Gabriel Lee Keng Yan

4) Richmond Loy Chang Hoe

Hardness and degree of conversion of varying depths of bulk fill composites  in tooth specimens



Group 14-05 - Winner


Group 14-09 - Second Place


Group 14-04 - Third Place








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