Faculty UROP Day 2016


21st UROP Day Research Presentations by Dental Students

2016 UROP Day was held on 18th November at NUH Dental Auditorium.  We were privileged to have three faculty staff as judges namely, AP Kelvin Foong, Dr Tan Kai Soo and Dr Loke Weiqiang.

The purpose of Undergraduate Research Opportunities Programme (UROP) is to promote and develop research interest in every undergraduate student within the Faculty.  It also aims to allow students and faculty members to interact so as to foster ties in performing the research work and providing the opportunity to acquire skills for the intellectual process of inquiry.  From AY2012, in recognition of students’ diversity of interests and different learning styles, the Faculty decided to offer an alternative programme, Clinical Elective Program (CEP) that would cater to the students’ individual interests rather than rigidly impose compulsory research training on them.  The purpose of the CEP is to permit students with interests in dental specialties to gain a deeper understanding in a particular subject through structured clinical attachments (clinical electives). 

Starting from this year, UROP had undergone a few enhancements. The enhancements include changes made to the weightage of scoring assessment, inclusion of peer assessment evaluation and project presentation format.  In view of the larger class size and more UROP groups, the conventional oral presentations made way for poster presentations. Posters were uploaded on IVLE 7 working days prior to UROP Day for all students to view and they were invited to pose questions for the groups to respond.  Students are required to check the IVLE portal on a daily basis to respond to the questions posed.  On UROP Day, individual groups were on standby at their posters for a question-and-answer session by judges and/or other students/staff at the timing allocated to their group.

A total of 13 UROP groups and 2 CEP groups of the final year students presented their research findings, a culmination of their hard and dedicated team work over a one and a half year period through poster presentations. Guided by their supervisors the topics ranged from clinical and epidemiological surveys to bench top research in areas ranging from dental materials to stem cells
We wish to congratulate all students and supervisors on the research work and the results from the studies.  We hope these will spur the interest in the students to embark into research on a larger scale.


Results - Top 3 UROP Winning Groups

Project Title
Dr Toh Wei Seong

1) Ang Yang Hwee Vivien

2) Ong Yu Jie

3) Sng Jie Han Timothy

4) Tan Wen Li

Distribution and Role of Pericellular Matrix Molecules in Temporomandibular Joint
Dr Fu Jia Hui

1) Goh Hui Yi Clara

2) Haw Sue Yi

3) Ren Jiamin

4) Leong Jin Ni

Distribution of Gingival Smile Types and the Difference in Perception of Smile Aesthetics Between Dentists and Laypeople
A/P Keson Tan

1) Ng Sing Yi

2) James Joseph Tan Bee Zhi

3) Keh Yu Jia

4) Tan Jian'En Julian @ Goh Julian

In-vitro comparison of 3-Dimensional Accuracy of conventional impressions versus intraoral and extraoral digital impressions for Implant-Supported Full-Arch Fixed Dental Prostheses













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