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Issue No. 5, March 1999

Non Academic Staff

Our staff "introduced" here may not be new to all as some have been with us for two to three years already. This is for the benefit of our "not so fresh" graduates who may not have had the opportunity to meet them otherwise.

Heng Fook Seng

Mr Heng Fook Seng - Technical Support Officer

Mr Heng is involved in IT related work like slide making, equipment troubleshooting and manning of audio-visual equipment and assisting in video production when required.

Chu Li Shen

Mdm Chu Li Shen - Dental Technologist

Mdm Chu's workbench is in Dental Laboratory 2 where she does mainly fixed prosthodontic lab work.

L to R: Hamidah, Celine and Sophis

Sophia Wong Swee Lin - Administrative Officer

Sophia oversees day to day running of the deannery and deals with visitors, part-time staff and job inquires

Celine Teng Wey Fong - Management Support Officer

Celine is assistant to vice-dean A/Prof Neo. She also handles 70th Anniversary Celebration arrangements in addition to her normal work.

Hamidah Bte Hj Ithin - Coporate Support Officer

Hamidah does the day-to-day clerical work in the Dean's office. She is also in charge of the dental library.


Rosnia Binte Huri - Pupil Assistant Nurse

Rosnia undergoes three-month rotations through the General Practice Unit (GPU), Dentistry Clinic 2 and Dental Sterile Supply Unit (DSSU). Her job ranges from assisting staff and students, to preparing instruments before use.

Dairy Highlights

Meeting of minds at our annual party on 30th January 1999
L to R : Dr Duncan Banks, A/Prof Grace Ong & Prof Peter Hwang.

Our "men-insarong" at the Hari Raya celebrations on 21st January 1999

Gift exchange during the Faculty Christmas celebrations on 19th December 1998.

Chinese New Year Celebrations on 1st March 1999

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