Dear Student,

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a special clinical attachment in the Faculty of Dentistry, NUS.
Please read on for more information about our Special Elective/Exchange Programme (eligibility, application, immigration and other key matters).

Should you have further questions, please contact Ms Ally Chan at
We look forward to receiving your application.



Applicants must be bona-fide students of a dental school.  Applications should be made to the Dean’s Office at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the proposed period of attachment.



Please click here for the application form.

Documents To Be Submitted by Post:

  1. Application & Indemnity forms

  2. Application fee

  3. Letter confirming student status

  4. Proof of health insurance



  1. Postings are counted in weeks, commencing on a Monday, and ending on a Friday.

  2. The maximum period of attachment is 2 weeks.

  3. As the dental facilities are limited, applicants must indicate the exact dates for the posting as admission is subject to availability of places.

  4. There will be NO HANDS ON EXPERIENCE in the clinics. Successful applicants will be restricted to observership only.  The attachment will only be conducted in teaching clinics located at the Faculty of Dentistry and National University Hospital (NUH).

  5. Faculty will not entertain any applications during the Examination period (March) as well as during term vacations (June and December).

  6. Applicants who are unable to pursue their attachment in our Faculty should inform us at least 4 weeks in advance, with valid reason.   Students who fail to take up a place offered, without giving a valid reason will not be offered a place in future.

  7. NUS Faculty of Dentistry reserves the right to amend, modify or change any information on this website without advance notice.



The fees payable on admission by applicants are:




Administrative Fee:
(non-refundable & inclusive of 7% GST)



Tuition Fee
(inclusive 7% GST):

S$64.20 per week

S$21.40 per week

Applicants who are given offers of admission will be required to pay an administrative fee upon acceptance of the offer. 
Payment can be made by Cash or Cheque (Singapore cheques) or Bank Draft made payable to “National University of Singapore”.  The Faculty reserves the right to revise the fees.  Amount payable will be advised upon notification of successful application.



The offer of a place is made on condition that:

  1. You have not been previously refused a Certificate of Suitability under Section 42 of the Internal Security Act, Chapter 143.

  2. Your health is good and you are free from organic disease.

  3. The information you have given in your application form is accurate and you have not withheld material information from the University.

  4. After you have been offered a place, you will be asked to sign an acceptance form indicating your acceptance of these terms and conditions of your posting.


Applicants are required to submit an original letter on university stationery from the parent university confirming their student status.  This should be submitted together with the application form.



Applicants from the countries listed on the following website will need to apply for a visa before arriving in Singapore:


Please consult your travel agent for details concerning your travel requirements.  Students from Commonwealth countries normally do not require visas to enter

Singapore.  With valid passports, they will usually be issued a two-week Social Visit Pass on their arrival in Singapore. 

During this two-week period, you are required by the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to apply for a Student Pass if the period of your attachment in our University exceeds two weeks.  Information on application procedures for a Student Pass will be given to you when you report to our office for registration.



Before admission into our University, you are advised to go for a medical check-up to certify that you are fit.

As a visiting student, you should have valid personal health insurance coverage during the period of attachment.  Certificate (or certified true-copy) must be produced for our verification when you report to our office for registration.

International students should also be aware that coverage by an international policy may require them to cover any medical expenses incurred during their attachments and be reimbursed later.


Indemnity Form

The National University of Singapore and/or the National University Hospital will not be held responsible for any mishaps or loss of personal belongings during the attachment. 

Students are required to complete an indemnity form and the completed form should be submitted to Dean’s Office before commencement of attachment.



During your attachment at the Faculty of Dentistry, it is important that you adhere to our University’s rules and regulations. 



Students are encouraged to project a good and appropriate image by being decently attired while on campus and/or at NUH.


Dresses and skirts should be of decent length.


Male – Long/short sleeved shirts with collars.  No T-shirts.

Female – No t-shirts, skimpy tops e.g. tubes, halter, toga tops spaghetti straps or short blouses.


No jeans, shorts or bermudas.


For more information on guest accommodation on campus, please visit the Office of Student Affairs website at http://www.nus.edu.sg/osa/housing/others/index.html.  Owing to space constraints, accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

All enquiries relating to accommodation should be directed to the Office of Student Affairs at: 

Office of Student Affairs, Student Service Centre: Residential Services
Yusof Ishak House, Level 1
31 Lower Kent Ridge
Singapore 119078

(65) 6516 1384 - General Line
(65) 6777 0155 - General Fax Line


In the event of any epidemic outbreak, the University reserves the right to cancel your placement.

You are to adhere to infection control guidelines set by the Ministry of Health, NUH and NUS.



You will be fully responsible for your total cost as well as arrangements for housing, transportation, food, health insurance and any other expenditure that you may incur prior to, during and/or your stay at the faculty.  The Faculty of Dentistry and NUS will not be responsible for ANY expenditure at any time.